Jacksonville's Davis reopens his recruitment (story)

At this time, I’m not expecting Davis to visit Arkansas this weekend. I think next weekend is a good possibility.

Are we optimistic?

All depends on the numbers. It appears KK Robinson will take his time. Do you wait on him if Davis wants to come?

You go with those who really want to be a Hog. Seems simple to me. If they’re close and someone’s raising his hand now, you embrace him. Nothing else is assured.

I’m curious about something. Saw a “journalist” just say that this is a case of, when the first domino falls, the rest will follow. Is that the case here, everyone is waiting for someone else to “pull the trigger?”

IMO, depending on the impression KK left with CEM, you wait a reasonable length of time. CEM would determine what’s reasonable. I think there’s a significant talent difference.
Now, if CEM wants both, there’s no reason to wait

I am sure they have both a pecking order and a taking order.

Those are many times not the same thing.

Dudley, at one time Javonte and Jayljn expressed a desire to play college ball together. Do you think this is beneficial to Arkansas?

I think if you checked with Chris Moore or Jalen Williams they would share that DaVontae Davis was the “straw that stirred the drink” for the Woodz Elite team. He’s a 6’5" point guard that sets the table for all his teammates, wants to be a Razorback, and increases our opportunity to secure a commitment from Chris and Jaylen. DeVo is one that we can’t afford to let get away. Offer him !!!

Wondering how Isaac McBride’s visit went? Wonder what the possibilities are of both these guys committing to ark??

Maybe. They might also say it was Treylon Payne, who led the team in total assists, assists per game, and assist to turnover ratio for the AAU season and the Peach Jam. Davis actually had more turnovers than assists.

Don’t get me wrong, Davis has a ton of potential, much more than Payne. I’m just saying, for some reason, he didn’t achieve that potential throughout the AAU season. There may be a logical reason why he dropped off in production. He may break out big-time in college.

If CEM and staff want him, then I certainly want him too.

Few things:

McBride has not talked to anybody about his visit as of yet although I am told by people around him that it went well and there is certainly interest on both sides.

Moore and Williams love Davis, but they will make their own decisions on what is best for them.

There is not a bad one in the bunch of in-state guys. Really need to get some of them although the current staff has been recruiting them less time than the other schools.

Can Davis and/or McBride play the 2?

Most college coaches viewed McBride as a 2 until July 2018 when he got on his role and offers came pouring in.

Davis had a meniscus repaired this summer and Payne replaced him in the line up during his period of rehab…

Texas Tech offered him this afternoon.