Jacksonville 2020 guard Davonte Davis update...

Davis (6-4, 168) had both Arkansas and Auburn in to watch him practice on Monday.

He tells me he is taking an official visit to Auburn this weekend and is setting up one to Arkansas in October.

Has offers from Arkansas, Auburn, Oklahoma State (unofficial visit recently), Ole Miss, St. Louis, Southern Miss and SMU among others

Must get along with Moore IMO.

Are we no longer after Gerald Doakes? Ran into his mother yesterday and haven’t seen any updates on him recently

I’ve got to track him down, but I think he is in Houston now.

I have seen tweets that show we are still after Doakes.-Although moving to Houston complicates it

I talked to Jacksonville head coach Victor Joyner today.

He said Doakes mother said Gerald had some personal issues and she had moved him to Houston to see if that was a better atmosphere.

Pass on Doakes. Different school every year. Poor mans Willie Cutts…at the end of the day he’s a super skinny 6’1” shooting guard.

Davis a better player anyway.

Arkansas is still recruiting him. You don’t back off until there’s no hope.

Are we in bad shape with him? He’s one of this group I had been told we had a good shot at landing.

He’s a hard read.