Jacksonville 2020 guard Davonte Davis commits to Oklahoma State...

just now.

Early and interesting.


Well most said he was learning that way, maybe it’s just a place holder or we are going to get all of our 1-A’s lol

I knew this dude wasn’t high on arkansas when he cancelled the visit my gut told me he wanted to go elsewhere

When a kid commits early like this it’s interesting. If you talk to people in the loop you know how it happens and why we don’t get them.

I’m comfortable with it and glad we have coaches who do it the right way. This will be considered a sour grapes post. But sometimes facts are facts.

If you look at what we have on campus there is reason to be excited that we are turning the corner.

I wish people would listen to what opposing coaches that play us are saying about our team and I wish people would listen to quotes from people who can’t come out and blast the recruiting atmosphere but are telling us what is going on if you’re willing to listen (watch the Nolan speech at the NWA club meeting; DD’s use of the word “interesting” is, well, interesting). It’s worth noting that Oklahoma State is involved in the FBI scandal.

Basketball is different than football. You can “lose” instate guys who are making “business decisions” and “replace” them with guys who fit the system and are going to be here awhile and build a program.

My hope is that’s what’s happening.

Barring mass defections in 2019 Arkansas probably signs only 2 guards of the 3 possibilities:

Gerald Doakes
Bryce Thompson
Moses Moody

Power Forward:
Chris Moore

Jaylin Williams

I actually thought Davis and Williams were the 2 we would get. Guess I’ve missed one.

Thompson and Williams and would be a good haul/fit and seem to be our most likely signees, IMO.

I feel like you have to take better advantage of the instate talent than that, but I could see that happening.


Not all these guys play for Woodz Elite and not all of these guys are getting paid. We are talking about a borderline top 100 kid with a few nice offers.

And yes, to take the program to the next level it would be beneficial to grab some of the top players in arguably the best in state class we have seen in a long long time. I’m just saying if that scenario above worked out (1 out of 6 instate guys) then we have to do better than that.

Lastly, if Monk and his crew are such a huge problem (hey I don’t like them either) then we need to do something about him sitting FRONT ROW with a freaking Wood"z" Elite shirt on. Incredible that’s allowed to happen.


Who does Moody play for? He was the one I mentioned earlier about calling Malik “uncle.”

Was Team South then he left right before that AAU season and went to Bradley Beal.

They really like guard out of Memphis, Matthew Murell. Don’t forget him. He visited the campus with Moody and Thompson.

For reasons known to them, I was getting the sense they had cooled off on Davis and Doakes.

I think Bryce Thompson is the one they are counting on for sure.

And I guess that’s my thinking. If we get Thompson and Williams to go with what we have (and the addition of Hill) that will be continued progress and program-building.

But, I suspect it will be met with the typical wailing and gnashing of teeth and proclamations that since we didn’t get the “name” in-state guys we failed, regardless of the context of how/why it happened.

I really hate to see this because I really, really like this kid. When I saw him two or three years ago, all the talk was about Moore and Doakes, but I liked Davis’ upside most. His play has come along how I expected; I’m really high on him, and he’d be a perfect fit for us.

We’ve also stacked guards in the ‘18 and ‘19 classes - Harris, Joe, Sills, Embery-Simpson-Simpson, Hill. Two of those are primary ball handlers, while Sills is being developed as one. Davis is a lead guard, so I could see where the timing may be off. Maybe he’s heard we have others ahead of him on our board - Moody, Thompson, Doakes to name a few.

Normally, I’d really be upset at this, but because of the above info and limited scholarships, I can accept it much more easily.

The writing on the wall has been there for awhile on Davis. He’s cancelled visits multiple times, including the Indiana game. In my mind his fate was sealed last week when Mike and Melvin went all over the state to watch a bunch of kids but didn’t go see him and Jacksonville play. Hard to send a clearer sign than that, which is why I don’t find it interesting in the least that he just went ahead and committed to OSU.

Many of the comments on the board are unfair to DeVo. The references to him being bought or “dirty” recruiting practices reflects your ignorance of this young man’s decision. I’ve known him personally for 6 years and am aware the following:

  1. He wanted to be a razorback
  2. He unofficially visited the U of A several times
  3. Was never extended an official visit invitation from Arkansas
  4. Failed to have a coach attend his recent game in Jacksonville (have read they attended the Sylvan Hills game??)
    At some point it becomes apparent that you are not a priority recruit and you consider other options
    DeVo is a fine young man and to slap him with innuendos and accusations of serving as an object of “dirty” recruiting shows little class by certain posters
    If he in fact signs with Ok. State or another school, it will be that the staff lost this young man and we will regret that others have an opportunity to observe a fine young man exhibit an amazing set of skills.

I agree with everything you said until your last statement. They have made a choice to lose this kid. Given the talent available in the state and just one scholarship available, they will make several such choices in the next two years. Instead of being critical of the staff, we should appreciate that they did not lead this young man on and let him know at an early stage where they stood with him, so he can make his decision.

My hunch is just like some other instances, they wanted him to wait till Spring to see how everything plays out and he coorectly did not want to wait and lock up his scholarship. Dusty Hannahs did the same,

I have found Davonte to be a very polite and respectful young who is a great basketball prospect.

I think he is going where he thinks is best for him.

I don’t think it is fair to take shots at him.