Come out come out where ever you are.

That’s 1 down.

I know you have a post already typed up waiting for that FG to miss.

:lol: :mrgreen:

Surely you aren’t trying to call someone out over a win against Ole Miss?

What’s the history of Bret in comebacks, 1-17?

There’s no reason to Bost this win, instead it shows that in year 5, we are 1 point better than an awful, injury handicapped ole miss team.


Hell of a comeback with lots of gifts… but they took the gifts and unwrapped them like it was Christmas morning. Kudos to the team!

That said 3-5 and 1-4. Will they be able to build off of this and have a winning season and non losing season in the SEC? Anything less than that is a season failure.

We shall see!

there are some who are upset about this win.

I talked to some of them this week who wanted Arkansas to lose out or only win one game so they would let go of the current coach.

I’ve never understood that thinking - certainly not my philosophy with the Dallas Cowboys, Boston Celtics and St. Louis Cardinals.

I get those wanting a new coach, but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the players and those who support Arkansas even it’s been a lost year

to get too overly excited, it also is silly to tell those who root for Arkansas to at least not smile at a win.

I would like us to make a coaching change but I was jumping in my living room when we made that kick. Go Hogs.

It’s true.

I know many like this.

I’d say I’m right in the middle personally.

I want the kids to win, but st the same time the coach to lose.

It’s pretty easy to see he’s not getting it done, and would require a complete rebuild this off season g he was retained. Now why would you trust a guy who failed at his first rebuild, to do it twice?

Even more so, when you have the suspicion that JL is looking for any reason to keep Bret. Ultimately you still want the players to get that win though.

I’m happy for the win! I never hope for my hogs to get beat! This game was a tale of 2 halves and for sure the defense played well in the second half.
I’m happy for the kids!
The players earned this win.
Winning with a FG was nice.

If you don’t feel a little happiness over this win there is something wrong with you as a fan.

Amen, Dudley and hogbone.

Your colleague, Kurt Voight, was essentially doing that. He’s awful.

I’ve been very negative, very down on this staff, but I’m ecstatic. Obviously would love to win out.

Any time you get a victory over the Rebels, Black Bears, Landsharks, it’s a great day to be alive!

Completely agree. At halftime, I was thinking that was the final nail in CBB’s coffin. Yet, I completely enjoyed this win. My mom/dad were in my cousin’s box at Oxford, they were there for the Hunter heave as well. I texted Dad and said “You realize you’re never getting invited back.” Dad said my cousin (he’s a CEO of a MS based trucking firm) had several Hog fans he was hosting and was very gracious. I’ll never pull for an Arkansas loss for an agenda - EVER! WPS!


chill out and take a happy pill.

This is between me and Jackson and for fun only…

back up off my toes and enjoy the win

Just stepping in toes, don’t mind me. No harm meant.

All in good fun .

just stay off my corns :lol:

Between us huh? Meet you at the Alma Sonic…if you’ll by me a chili dog!

Be glad to the next time in Ark but Houston is a long way from Alma

What I want is for this coach, this coaching staff and this group of players to figure this out, start performing as we expect them to based on resumes, past history and how they were viewed at the time they signed to be Razorbacks. This is not a bad coach and this roster is not full of dogs. Now the questions are where is the football IQ and where is the heart?
In general these are all good people and have all other parts of this program in good shape. There should be rewards for that, but not if the same mistakes continue to be made by the same people and adjustments are just too slow in coming and all that keeps getting you beaten.
We saw many of these same mistakes made Saturday, again by the same people, and then we saw a large measure of turnaround in multiple areas as the game went on.
There is some talent here that I really like. I like the in-coming recruiting class. But based on the playing time they receive there appears to be far too many recruiting mistakes. That must change and development must greatly improve on a team with a coach who prides himself on turning two and three stars into four and five stars. Lets see it!!! And it has to happen quickly because the wolves are at the door!!!