Jackson Rutledge

Rutledge did not make the trip to LSU over the weekend. I asked Dave Van Horn yesterday how much he factors into the bullpen moving forward.

“I don’t know,” Van Horn said. “I haven’t seen him pitch good so I can’t throw him out there.”

It is really odd for a young man with that kid of arm of get so wild in such a short period of time. Something has rattled him and it must be mental now. Maybe he can work through it.

bullpen doesn’t have much depth we need some guys to pick it up.

Bullpen depth.
When Cronnin is healthy I’d say there is depth. Rheindl, Loeske, Cronnin. Those 3 are good options and do a great job. Are they perfect no! They go to the mound and give everything they have for the team. That’s all anyone can ask in anything in life.
Evan Lee has had a lot of good appearances too. With the overall talent of Rutledge, Bonnin and others in the pen at any time others could step up and have quality appearances.

Rutledge had a little bit of a sore arm in early March. He hasn’t been used much since then. The breaking ball was reliable in the fall. It has not been in the spring. In the fall, he could land that breaker in the strike zone in any count. The fast ball was wild in the fall. And that’s not all bad. It was a pitch that kept anyone from digging in. When it was 96 and up and wild, you don’t get comfortable. Then, he comes back with a breaker for a strike and you have no chance. It’s been flipped around this spring. He can land the fast ball for a strike, but not the curve. There are no midweek games to test these young guys and that’s tough on their development. When I saw this schedule I didn’t like that part of it. Three midweek games leading up to postseason would give these guys a chance to be tested a little more. There are no spots to test anyone right now unless it’s in a scrimmage.

Clay I remember you guys reporting about his sore arm. The lack of mid week games limits what the coaches can do the remaining part of this year. But with a lead they could use him with a short leash for a couple of batters. I still think he will be a big part of the staff next year!

Eventually, Rutledge will be a starter. At least, that’s what I think.

I agree. He is big and strong. With his fastball if he can command both sides of the plate and throw his curve and work on a change up he could be salty as a starter.