Jackson Rutledge update

Dave Van Horn said tonight that Jackson Rutledge probably won’t pitch this weekend vs. Kentucky because of some arm soreness. Rutledge hasn’t pitched since the March 4 win over USC.

It doesn’t sound serious.

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … -kentucky/

Dave always says it “doesn’t sound serious”…

I am the one who said it does not sound serious.

You always say it doesn’t sound serious. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That’s even worse…

Well, now my question is, is it serious?


It still sounds as if Rutledge will be back by next week, if not late this weekend against Kentucky.


Ok, it would be nice to have him available to close if needed the weekend, but we need him healthy.

Van Horn told me Wednesday night both Rutledge and McKinney will be ready for Charlotte, if not for Kentucky. Both could be ready for Kentucky.

I am going to. say it’s “not serious” on either.


you have to take arm soreness very seriously, very surprised to hear this because he throws so effortlessly and has good mechanics…just need to be real careful…he is our best #2 starter IMO.

So in the posted interview when asked about McKinney and he said he “would not pitch this weekend”, he didn’t mean it? :sunglasses:

I talked to him afterwards. Come on, just believe me. Seriously. I do not think either one of them will pitch this weekend, though. Just because they might be available, doesn’t mean they will pitch. I think he wants them both ready for Charlotte and does not want to push it. Not everything I get comes from the interviews you see. I walked with Dave away from everyone else. I asked about McKinney and Rutledge for more detail and clarification, just to be sure. He said they could pitch this weekend, but wouldn’t. Then, he hedged a bit on Rutledge noting that he might use him against Kentucky. I think the difference in all of this is that saying they won’t or could or might is all open for interpretation. And, things might change in the next 48 hours based on recovery from a bullpen or just the need of the team. Saying they won’t pitch doesn’t mean they can’t pitch.

Murphy could have pitched last weekend. But Dave said going in he “wouldn’t pitch” because he knew he was saving him for Texas.

Well, as good as Rutledge has been closing, I would think it be was available I would use him. Last year’s guys have struggled so far and he used some arms in closing out Texas yesterday. I understand “gamesmanship” and not giving anything away, but it’s comforting to us fans knowing who can close, haha. In fact, I’m very concerned about that for this weekend .

Good news about McKinney! I don’t where I saw it, but someone was saying he may be out for the season because of floating bone pieces in his elbow. Probably from post tommy john surgery. Great news Clay!

Looks like “available” meant next week as Rutledge and McKinney were left off the 27 man roster for the series. It was expected of McKinney, and most thought Rutledge would be unavailable, too.

McKinney does have floating chips that can go away, or have season ending surgery, from what I’ve heard.

Where can you find the 27 roster for the series? Do they post it somewhere?