Jack L

So what’s the deal with Jack Lindsey?

I know tonight had a lot to do with circumstances and we haven’t stumbled upon the next great Hogs QB.

Just asking because I don’t know much about him. Is arm strength the reason he hasn’t been in more of the QB conversation?

He has been the holder on PATs and FGs the last two years.

Former Fayetteville and Springdale QB and the grandson of Jim Lindsey

He has never really pushed for playing time at QB.

But he looked good tonight.

He showed an instinct for the position that the others simply have not shown. Wish he was a freshman!

Was unable to see all of the game - did Jones play at all? If not, was it just due to injury?

I always thought going back to the spring game that he played as well as anyone else…Looked pretty calm out there tonight.

No. At least, I didn’t see him at QB.

JSJ didn’t play at all. Our coaches played starkell several drives. He had happy feet, threw balls so poorly that you couldn’t even tell the intended target, on 3rd down he literally skipped a ball about 10 feet in front of the intended receiver, and lofted a nice gentle pass into a slew of players-miraculously it was not a pick-6.

All this to the surprise of no one on planet earth.


If my math is correct JSJ can’t play in another game without burning his redshirt!

JSJ redshirted in 2018.

Jack showed poise and football smarts. Have not seen much of that this season at the QB position or anywhere else.

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Agree. This is case of JL getting a chance finally, being a junior who knows the system better than most in qb room according to his OC, but was only given a look after all other options were tried numerous times (new coach gave him the chance). This is what coaching and development is about—results matter . It would be different but it was against LSU and they still had their defense in and he was playing with second line. Every time I see one of the examples , I think back to the fall practice when the offense was losing the belt to the defense every practice or scrimmage and how improved the defense was going to be. How wrong was that. We should be skeptical until the words match the actions on the field.

Did anyone notice the nice job the 2nd team OL did? Not every down but they held their own. Better than the starters.