Jack Kenley ALREADY Moving Up

Jack Kenley has been promoted by the Tigers from the Gulf Coast League to Short-Season Connecticut.

According to MiLB.com Kenley went 7-16 (.438) with 1 HR and 2 RBI. He walked 4 times and struck out 3. He played in 4 games.

The GCL Tigers list Kenley as a shortstop.

Kenley’s got great value because he can play everywhere in the infield. He’s so smart. Never makes the same mistake twice.

His plate discipline was impressive this season and he’s quick to the ball on inside pitches. A great baseball man told me once to watch out for the lefthanded hitters that can drop the head of the bat on an inside pitch with a flip of the hands. They are tough outs and can drive the ball out of the park.
That’s Kenley. He sees the ball that’s away and just off the plate and lets it go. Then, he can drop the head of the bat on the down and inside pitch. You can pitch him up and in, but don’t miss by an inch or two to the middle of the plate or down and in. And, he’ll drive the pitch in the middle of the plate. I expect him to play in the major league.