Jack Crowe Tweets

The bitterness is strong in this one:


Thinks Broyles would’ve fired Bielema Long ago.

Didnt he see how patient Broyles was with Nutt? Crowe is a Nutt fan and thinks he never should’ve been fired.

Crowe also spouts off about Gus, Rhett and Auburn.

Dudley, does Crowe qualify as a troll? Seems like one to me.

Didn’t we throw this grumpy old man a bone with a $ game a few years ago?

I don’t understand why the captain of the Citadel debacle would want to bring attention to things that might lead to an axing.

Think he’s right. Early on Broyles was adamant about taking that position. He stated many times that if a coach had not turned around a program by the end of the third year, he would never be able to do it.

And you right about Broyles letting up on Nutt. I think because HDN was able to get the fans enthusiasm back to levels not seen for a more than a decade. Which allowed Broyles to enter into his last building phase for the Razorbacks and fans.

Yes, he does.

Out of the dungeon to Twitter. Only a press conference by Bartman would be more surprising.

Let me think about what he said–Coach B will get it done in 6 years. Well, (as I recall) this is year #4, so that must mean something like 10-2 next year (year 5) leading up to 12-0 in year 6. I think that I can live with that!

I guess I read this post differently. I read it as saying a good AD (implying he doesn’t like broyles) needs to help the fans understand (through the highs and low) that it takes time, and beliema needs, and should get, 6 years to do it. I think it’s a shot at Broyles, and support for Long and CBB.


Well, Jack has a little more to say about Arkansas here – I guess this is his blog:

https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?res … vioidZj7dM

I have to say, I agree totally about the need for 4-5 explosive players. This is actually not a bad read. He is complementary of Arkansas. I tend to agree with Jack’s comments in this piece more than I disagree with them.

Crowe has said that he believes Bielema’s strategy will not work at Arkansas, because it will not give the Hogs a chance to win against teams with superior talent. That’s what he says anyway. He also has been very critical of Arkansas’s lack of effort against Auburn.