Jace Bohrofen has committed to Arkansas

Bohrofen, an outfielder, was a top-40 recruit out of high school and spent his freshman season at Oklahoma. We’ll have more on him soon.

Big pickup, it’ll be interesting to see who plays CF, now.

You think Franklin goes after Jr yr? His bat went south just like Martin’s.

Franklin will be drafted Monday and go pro.

He’s not going to make any more money by staying; in fact it probably goes down because he won’t have leverage.

Franklin would have leverage if he came back because of covid. But he’s not coming back.

Sounds like he is a player,I don’t remember him when we played OU,hitting great this summer,wonder why his # were down at OU? looks like we have our leadoff hitter…welcome Aboard.

Well go for him.

Explain the leverage part for me? Him being a jr? He is one of the best cf players in college. Top 5 I’d say.

Leverage, which is also called bargaining power, is when a player still has eligibility remaining in college. Players without that leverage get the shaft in negotiations with MLB teams.

I gotcha, thanks for the info. I figured it still had something to do with eligibility left.

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