Jabari Smith just got posterized

By Isaiah Wong of Miami. Who is 6-3. As you will recall, Smith is considerably taller

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That was sweet!!

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If Auburn and lying Bruce get beat the hogs will once again be the last SEC team standing in the dance.



I think we now know why Chris lykes was available with the guards they have… those guys are really good.

Jabari is also 2-for-13 from the field. That’s a major reason the Bagmen are down by 9.

Down 12…

Auburn looks totally out of control. Is Kessler hurt? He has 2 points, 2 boards and 2 blocks and isn’t on the floor at the end of this game

Down 13 with just over a minute to play. Game is over

The crowd is chanting SEC, SEC, SEC… :grimacing:

Or maybe ACC, ACC…

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Greenville is Clemson country after all.

Probably. I thought they were mocking the SEC. But my 70 year old ears fool me quite often. According to the wife.

Yeah, either chant would have worked there.

All I know is that the Hogs are the only ones left carrying the SEC banner, and I love it!


I only saw about the last 6 or 7 minutes of the game. During that time, it didn’t look Auburn was playing any defense. Really looked pathetic. And they got a break playing the 10 seed instead of the 7 seed.

It looks like I was wrong about how tough that 3-1 run through Auburn, KY, and TN was.

Well, it’s up to the Hogs to regain some respect for the SEC!

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he was in foul trouble the 1st half and ineffective the 2nd

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