Ja Morant is a bad boy!

This guy is insane and in my opinion the most NBA ready player in the country.I love Zion Williamson don’t get me wrong but this kid has no weakness he can shoot it he can pass it he obviously has mad leaping athletic skills. Just a complete player and is a joy to watch!

Triple double and had plenty of energy.
Mans can he make the passes! He did get by with walking but they don’t call the walk or carrying in the NBA or college anymore.
He can shoot it too and didn’t force his shot. He was just smooth and let the game come to him.

My jaw dropped when I saw he had 16 assists yesterday. The man accounted for 21 of Murray State’s 30 buckets, too. That’s unbelievable. If he keeps his turnovers down - 7 yesterday - then I imagine he can be one of the most efficient players out there on top of being incredibly fun to watch.

First time I’ve watched an entire game of his. He is electric! So much fun to watch.

How did he wind up at Murray State? I’m not really familiar with his story. Was he recruited by all the big boys? Did he grow up wanting to be a Racer or did he somehow fall between the cracks?

This story from Pat Forde of Yahoo! is a good read on Morant and how he was discovered and wound up at Murray State: https://sports.yahoo.com/hungry-coach-l … 38543.html

They never picked him up to fall between the cracks. Rivals: 0 stars. ESPN: 0 stars. 247: 0 stars.

I mention ja Morant early in the basketball season after I saw him for the first time and wondered the same thing how in the world could a guy that good enough at Murray State and I was mad that we can’t find someone like that.
Swine you still think Harris is
The better PG??

That is a fascinating story, thanks for the link, Scottie.

I saw a tweet that at one time both he and Zion were on the same AAU team. That’s crazy

Morant is a scorer and will make a lot of money doing that. See, I’m funny, I like my point guards to distribute the ball and not turn it over; scoring is a bonus (see: John Stockton). I don’t like a Russ Westbrook type of possession hog. The way Harris was playing when I posted that (5:1 A/T ratio) that’s what I want. He’s not at 5:1 any more; currently at 2.8:1.

Hes far from being just a scorer and its all about production he ave 23 a game and 10 assists so thats a mimumum 43 pts he gets for his team. He may turn the ball over some but not all turnovers turn into pts, whereas assists and FG do so I will take that kind of player anyday.He is by far the best PG in the country and its not even close and he will get paid very well for being that.

He also turns it over 5+ times a game. Less than 2:1 ratio. He’s an incredible player and will make a lot of money

So I guess you would take Harris over him to run your team.

I’d put him as my 2 guard if I had them both, yes.

They play FSU today. I expect more of the same from him. But FSU is a good team that some have going to the final four. It will be a fun game to watch.

Latest mock draft has Morant going #2 overall to the Suns.

Whatever Swine it’s obvious that you aren’t going to admit what everybody else in the whole world knows that Morant is far better than Harris as a PG giving his team a minimum of 43 points every game vs Harris’s 17 that 26 point difference would have won every game for us this year. I love how hard Harris plays just needs to work hard on developing a shot and finishing around the goal.

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Harris Win Shares last year 1.9
Morant? 8.2.

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