I’ve seen some draft boards that have moved him into the top 30 now. Dudley, RD, or anyone else… Are we still pretty confident he will be back next year?

I think he declares for the draft, goes to the combine, then gets feedback and makes a decision (my opinion is he will be back for at least one more year).

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I think that scenario makes perfect sense, and is what I would do if I were him.

I’m very surprised that some would have him top 30 because he really has no inside game and is a very average at best outside shot. I don’t see him going into the draft. I think he works extra hard on his outside shot and hopefully his inside game and makes himself a bona fide first round player but I don’t see that right now, maybe I’m wrong, we will see, I definitely expect him back next year.


A 6-10 guy who is not a shotblocker needs to have a reliable outside shot (think BP). And even a shotblocker should have one (think Chet Holmgren). JWill needs to improve his offensive game inside and out, basically.


That’s what I think and why I’m surprised he’s being considered top 30 prospect. I love the guy he has a passion that allows him to be a very successful player. He can become off the charts good if he will work on some post moves inside like Timme does for Gonzaga and really spends hours shooting the three, if he’s a dual threat guy this offense goes to a totally different level. Jay Will very smart and hopefully he will work on this.my biggest fear is he sees all the offensive talent coming in and will do as he always says what’s best for the team. This year he knew he had to score next year maybe not so much. I look forward to seeing his progress

Pros don’t always draft on a player’s present abilities. Think of the number of LSU athletes that have went in the first round to the NBA that were drafted on future improvement alone. He is a top 30 prospect because he still 19 years old. He has a good looking jump shot that can be improved and he has 3 very elite qualities that cannot be coached: An extremely high Basketball IQ, a motor that is very impressive for a kid that is 6’10" and 235, and he knows how to get position for rebounds. He is not going to be a shot blocker in the pros nor will he draw charges because they are not going to call it but his footwork on the defensive end is elite.

I do agree that he should come back. Saban does this with players all the time. He shows them that that by foregoing the late round money they can play themselves into early first round and/or a lottery spot. The difference in money by moving up more than covers the lost income by coming out early. that does not work for everyone but if, as nearly everyone on this board believes, JWill comes back and improves his 3 point shot to 35% or better, then his stock goes through the roof.

Very good breakdown of his abilities -

I would think you’d have to be an elite offensive player if you are not a big time defensive presence for a team to spend top 30 money on you. He may be a top 30 on somebody’s board but I am not quite so sure that is the case for the overall perception of J Will, he was top 30 on 2/6 that I checked on today.He can increase his status quite a bit next year with a great offensive year IMO. We will soon find out what he’s thinking.

I saw elsewhere that Jaylin has signed a big NIL deal that will be announced soon.

That being said, I think he will go through the draft process. I don’t think that an NIL deal would keep him from going to the NBA if that’s his ultimate decision, but who knows? I would guess we will be wondering for awhile what he’s going to do.

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JWill is a very smart kid. He will go thru the process and get the feedback. Everyone noticed his progression from last year to this year. The question is can he make another big jump of the same magnitude or more with 1 more year in college. Or an even bigger jump working on his craft 24/7 with the best trainers & coaches at the next level. The best thing he has going for him now is CEM whatever he decides.

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