J-Will Today

Have seen very little said or written about it except by the players. J-Will is amazing and a real leader. He was throwing up at half time. You know, as in a sick puppy. I of course did not know that at the time, but did notice that he was getting far more and longer breaks than usual (Johnson did a great job in his stead. He made big boy work for everything he got). Still, he was in there battling and took over in the final 5 min. Great KY had no answer for him. That is real leadership. Man has he ever stepped up!


I was at the game and he looked exhausted all day. I didn’t know he was sick at the time. Just thought he always tired from banging Tshiebwe all day.

He’s a warrior. No doubt about it. What a fan favorite.


It would be impossible for me to love him more.


Ya I noticed he came back late at half time but wasn’t aware the reason…

Plus got another dbl dbl through all of that.
Just consider a few things about him.
JWill logs as many mins as anybody except maybe Notea.

Always bangs with opponents bigs the whole game. There are some real bigs in this league.

Its late season when most players are nicked up or beat down or both.

Fights thru an illness and performs at a high level against top 5-10 rival with a stud inside.

Only a Soph.


Heart! J Williams has a ton of Heart to go with that smile! He’s a team player and loves the hogs as much as we do.
He gives everything he has in every game. He made winning plays today on both ends to the floor. It’s a shame he couldn’t get the refs to make a call for Oscar being over his back today but they just let the Kentucky big man maul and push to get rebounds and put backs.


Like the famous playoff game when MJ played sick and not only persevered but triumphed, way to go, JWill.

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He has all the right stuff - including a long 6-10 frame!

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Greatness starts in the heart! That’s how he beat you! You will not outwork him or out think him! I love that he’s beginning to show off his offensive game, what he did the last 5 minutes against big boy should propel him going forward. He is irreplaceable on this team…there are a lot of warriors on this team and that’s why we are doing the things we’re doing.


Ten more pounds of muscle next year and he’ll look like a NBA forward playing in the SEC.

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