Anybody have an idea what Walsh or brazille does after the tournament? I don’t see them any more on the serious draft boards. Some have them as late 2nd I drafted. Any chance we get both of them back even though we have baye Fall coming in ?

On another note
Smith and black are lottery locks with council getting late 1st/early2nd round . I think muss is gonna send every one out besides penion, davis, ford, (Walsh & brazille) pending pro decision.

I think we can build a serious contender next season with Davis,pinion,ford,Walsh,brazille,blocker, and baye fall. Muss can find shooters and rim protection in the portal .

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I’ve seen a couple of things this week that TB and Walsh are both second round draft candidates. I could see Walsh going to the combine and getting their feedback. Dunno if TB will be ready to do that yet with his knee.

I think the twins are probably coming back. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how they’ve played, especially on defense. They are a major reason we have a top-20 defense.

I would welcome the twins back wih 4 open arms. They certailny exceeded my expectations this year, and I think they will be even better next year.


Agree that they have exceeded expectations. When they are seriously zoned in during a game, they are a fearsome force down low.

They definitely both need to come back… Walsh needs to spend an enormous amount of time working on his shot to where he is a very consistent reliable offensive player… he already is a great defensive player but can improve by learning not to play so much with his hands which gets him in foul trouble too quickly with referees who want to prove that they are the reason people come to watch the games LOL…

The NBA signs people way before they’re ready to play in my opinion… They sign them and give them a lot of money on potential which to me is crazy because there’s no guarantee they’re ever going to reach that. I kind of go by respect is earned and not given


Twins have been good defensively. But have been inconsistent on the offensive side. Wouldn’t mind them coming back. But need to work on their offense this summer. Walsh and TB need to come back next season. Could see Walsh bolt . Depends on what the combine says and if his family is on a financial bind. TB won’t be ready for the combine. Could still get drafted late second. Could be a steal. All depends on how his knee is responding.

The twins both are very valuable defensive players and Makai can score around the basket when he puts his mind to it but late in the year he has gotten to where he likes to pass the ball back out instead of going up strong and trying to finish… he has gotten better at the free throw line in the last four or five games hopefully today he will go up aggressively and try to convert.

Mahkel is a tremendous defensive player but a horrendous offensive player… He has to work incredibly hard on his offense in the offseason if he’s coming back to where when he comes in the game he is not a liability on offense.

Have Walsh or Brazille been interviewed/asked about their futures yet?

As RazorAg said that the question is if the twins will be asked to come back. I believe Muss wants better players at 4 and 5 than the twins. In Muss’s zone offense, you need your big to be able to hit a jump shot from top of the key. Or some offense other than dunks and putbacks.

I think Devo will not be drafted, but he will go pro. The Patrick Beverley route.

From what I see, Muss is contacting players that fit that skill.

If you want to project next year’s roster, I can fill only five spots today. Pinion, Fall, Blocker, Walsh, Brazile.


I agree pj…I wonder if Muss is not looking to upgrade. The twins had some horrible outings this year. And some great outings. Mostly average outings.

I really think he wants an upgrade over both of them because we need two-way players if we’re really going to make a climb up the ladder we can’t have one dimensional players

If you’re gonna be one-dimensional and play for Muss, it’s gonna be with defense. You guys may be right and he looks to upgrade, but it won’t surprise me if they’re both still around.

I’m not going to be surprised either just because he values defense more than offense but this year is probably tested his thinking on that a little bit

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OK, who wants to run off the twins now? Remember, they are a package deal. Run off 1, you run them both off. BTW, there is nothing stopping Muss from bringing in another Big, if they stay.

I’m a believer in them now.

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Yup. We have Fall and the twins, a portal big would be a great addition.

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I was always hoping they would come back. Graham too.

Walsh and smith family both are very wealthy. So it’s not about the money, I think walsh & brazille would stay if muss sells him on the draft next year being soo weak and this one being an overwhelming stacked draft class .

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I don’t think Graham has any eligibility remaining.

I wish and hope!! but ford is coming back too much upside to let him go . Unless he leaves on his own but from the way his dad been tweeting I think he’s a lock to stay . His dad basically saying he’s not worried about playing this season he wants him to learn the game and get and education.

Devo is coming back unless it’s pro he’s not transferring