J. St. John Arrest


The warrant had been outstanding for more than 14 months. Cops just now getting around to serving it.

Right before the last ball game? seems a little strange.

I would imagine they go after the higher offenses and work their way down. My guess.

Well, the Hogs had a “higher offense” vs. Ole Miss. Maybe the timing is right.

Could be cleaning up some issues before he transfers out…

Would like to think it’s a case of the wrong person being accused. But usually warrants for theft aren’t issued without pretty solid evidence.

If I were a young woman in Fayetteville and I just lost 17 Benjamins, to a stealer…I would not let 14 months go by idly. Gotta think there’s more to this story…which is always the case at a University town.


I doubt very seriously lipstick can be put on this pig! I hope he can turn his life around, but not on the Razorback football team!!