J. Pinion....why no PT?

I thought for sure we would have seen him play 8-10 minutes in the last game. I figured Muss would put him in since it was a low pressure situation. It sure seems like we need an outside shooting threat, and I don’t see a “shooter” on the floor yet.

I’m not suggesting starters minutes, but maybe 3rd guy off the bench to see what he can do. When we start playing better teams, our shooting weakness is going to get exposed.

Any thoughts?

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You earn playing time with MUSS. By His grading system. :sunglasses:


He gets lost on defense and then fouled a three pointer shooter. That’s a no no for Muss.
In the immortal words of Benny Anders… all he will see is vicious pine even though he has all the utensils.

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This is likely to mainly be a learning year for Pinion barring injury to others, though he might have some interesting bit parts here and there. While he’s looked more than willing on defense, and looks athletic enough to not be a liability once he figures out the “how”, he’s just not at the level of several of the other Guard/Small Forward guys on the team.

That’s says a lot more about the talent level above him that it does about any real deficiencies in his own skill set. After seeing him play a bit at the college level, I’m pretty confident he will get there, but probably not this year. When he does get the defensive side squared away, he will probably be a fun guy to watch, as you can already see flashes of offensive flair.


And it seems to me that, especially with a talented team to select from, Muss will always choose based on Defense first.

It appears that young Mr. Pinion is a willing student and making strides on defense. But, as of yet, he’s objectively one of the final 2 or 3 on the bench in that department. His 3 point ability may get his some spot time while his defense continues (we all hope) to develop.

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Right now, we have the most athletic Hog team I’ve seen. As long as a 3 point shooter is not a must, the most athletic are drawing playing time. Also, Muss is playing for the “now”, Pinion’s time might be in a year or so.

I don’t know if he’d cotton to a redshirt season, but he looks like a perfect candidate.

In basketball Redshirt goes out the window if you play in one game.

Nobody is gonna redshirt anymore. It’s either play or portal. I don’t expect Pinion to play a lot this year, but I don’t think he’ll leave either. We can’t turn over our roster EVERY year. I think Joseph can help us a lot down the line. What I noticed in the Red White game is he is sneaky athletic.

I believe by mid season he will be playing a lot more. Last game we blew out our opponent and shot 2-16 from the three. When we go up against opponents just as willing and able as us to get to the glass he could help big from outside. Hopefully Smith returns at some point this year to help with that defiencncy

I think this team of ours will see a lot of zone defense this year. Have to find the angles and drive until we prove we can shoot.

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The problem with playing zone against this team will be the number of quick big men we can put on the floor and the length/quickness of the guys on the perimeter.

You can pack it in and dare us to shoot threes but the trade off is that it will be harder to effectively put a body on our bigs when the shot goes up. The defenders will have to work really, really hard to prevent offensive rebounds, and they are going to commit fouls inside. If the guards sag in to help that is going to give our perimeter guys a chance to work outside-in, and it will also make it tougher for the opposition to run on us, which is going to be a big deal if the Hogs continue to play tough half court defense like they’ve shown in these early games.

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He has a future, but patience is necessary for him to develop. WPS

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That’s a tough question to answer, he plays very hard on defense, a little too hard when he fouled the three-point shooter. He obviously is the best shooter on the team so I’m not going to give up on him having a role on this team he just simply has to produce when he’s given a chance to get in the game.

He fouled on the 3 ball, but was clearly beat off the dribble down the lane and muss pulled him.

Muss has mentioned several times Pinion needs to go after loose balls. I think they chart everything in practice.

Ford gets on the floor after it. Pinion and Dunning will have to get their knees burned a few times.

He made 2 free throws but was 0-7 shooting.

He needs to hit the weight room and hope to add good weight and muscle to help him become solid on defense. He just doesn’t stop his man.

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If Pinion can’t hit the shots he was getting last night, he won’t play much…no matter how good he guards.