J.J. & Paula Jones emotional after twins offered

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always loved their dad as a player, so nice to see legacies and to see grads have so much pride in their college


You could see in their faces how much the offers meant. Their eyes definitely watered.

So I take it they are rising juniors. Is this correct? While Jalen would seem a little small to be an SEC LB at this point, he still has time to grow into one. Jai sounds like a monster. Do you think he will stay a backer, or grow into a DE or even NT?

Sophomores. I think they’ll be LBs. JJ is 6-2 at the most. Figure they’ll get to 6-0 to 6-2.

Are these guys highly sought after type recruits or diamonds in the rough type players?

Richard has said the Jai could end up being the no. 1 LB nationally in his class. Our offer is the first for Jalen probably because of his size (my guess) so he is prob more on potential growth. They’re only going to be Sophomores so lots of potential growth in size and play by the time they are seniors.

Jai had offers from Texas A&M, Baylor, Louisiana Tech, Bowling Green and Alabama A&M prior to the camp, while the Hogs are Jalen’s first offer.

Not bad for freshmen going into their 10th grade year…

I will say from growing up with JJ and being around his father in the Magnolia School District, they are an awesome family. Good good people! I expect JJ’s boys are as well.