J.J. caught it: '95 TD still angers Tide

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I was living in Atlanta at the time so i was at this game. It was amazingly quiet after the game and most of their fans were well mannered. I kept my mouth shut because I could tell it wouldn’t take much to poke the tiger. There were some Bama fans that were insanely mad and cussing that they lost to Arkansas who had just joined the conference and was drubbed the year before.

Bama fans have no gripe coming about the J.J. Meadors game. Bama has ruled the SEC and been the beneficiary of untold calls that helped them win games the past several decades. Alabama and Texas both were hard to beat because they were usually good and because the refs had and have their backs always. I am surprised the refs aren’t wearing houndstooth caps.

13-6 the year before.

I was at the game, as well. I remember reading the story in the Tuscaloosa paper the next morning. One of the Alabama linebackers that was on the field stated something to the effect of “I saw it; it was a catch”.

Those were great moments to be a Razorback. I truly believe that if Stoerner hadn’t separated his shoulder, we would have won three in a row in Tuscaloosa.

As someone pointed out, Arkansas only lost to Alabama 13-6 the year before. I remember the game well because it was my older brother’s birthday and it was the only game we attended that year.

Late in the third quarter, Jay Barker was pressured on a third-and-11 and threw the ball on the run. Sherman Williams made a really nice catch near the sideline and took it about 50 yards for a touchdown. It pretty much sucked the life out of the stadium, even though Arkansas still had a chance to win.

Alabama had crushed Arkansas the first two years in the SEC by scores of 38-11 and 43-3, but that '94 game set the tone for the series for a while. From 1994-2007, only five games were decided by more than 10 points (one was by 11) and Arkansas won seven times.