J Grayer

Is J Grayer still coming April 28? Will Coach Muss and C Williams be back in town Sunday, the 28 th

What I read was that he’s coming tomorrow (the 29th). I’m sure they’ll be back in town by then.


Yes, on Monday the last time I checked with Grayer.

Yes on second. Today’s event ends around 2-3.

At this time, I’m not expecting him to come tomorrow.


I think they want the Boyd kid from Idaho State and they want to make sure they have enough room for Lawson and/or Kadeem Sy.

Jumping to conclusions. Not saying he’s not coming at another date.

Our idea or his idea?

I probably am, but this is the 2nd time it’s been postponed.

I would too as a casual fan when this is the 2nd time it’s happened.