Izzo v the Squid

Who you got here?

This is blasphemy around this place but I hope Duke blows Kansas out of the building.


Is Kentucky at top-five team or is Michigan state that good??

MSU has hard nosed but pedestrian talent.

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Looking good to me. Auburn pulled away from a good team.

I think duke will handle Kansas easy. Although I’m kinda hoping Kansas wins since mike is gone.

Not blasphemy to me. I can’t stand Bill Self. Hoping State can beat the Squid too.

OT. Cats are actually a better team without Oscar.

Pav…are you getting help for your addiction?

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2nd ot, you sure pav??? Lol

No. Took me in a room and I told them Doogie Howser MD plays for MSU.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

Squid going down.

College basketball at its best.


Great game. Kentucky just couldn’t do much with OT fouling out and sitting on the bench.

Toughness. It’s what Muss wants. MSU just proved it tonight.


Kentucky couldn’t defend the rim when it mattered, which is kind of ironic because a Tschiebwe block set up the out-of-bounds play that allowed Michigan State to tie the game at the end of regulation.

Michigan State took Gonzaga to the wire a few nights ago. That looks like a pretty good team.


Izzo is 10 times the coach Cal is. Kentucky overrated as usual. No path to a natty with Wheeler as their PG. I freaking love it!


Here’s hoping Duke stuffs the Jayhawks.

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Kansas has shooters. Duke don’t.