Izzo on post-game handshakes, etc


Nails it!


wow, like I needed more reasons to love Izzo! love it



Some of the people on here probably don’t like our coach after a game then. He will somewhat reluctantly do the handshake routine. He’s completely ok with just doing the wave of acknowledgment to the other team’s coach, and leave it at that.

If I’m not mistaken Muss started that because of Covid concerns.

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He even mentioned it on the Jim Rome show yesterday. He talked about how most of his coaching life has been professional basketball, and a handshake line is something you just don’t do. You’ll just kind of wave at the other coach and head back to the locker room.

People keep saying we don’t shake hands…Our staff was told not to shake hands…wave and get out of there due to covid.

Muss is not, not shaking hands because he’s a jerk…he’s doing it because he was told not to do it.

Same here. If I had a distant 2nd favorite team to the Razorbacks, it would be Mich St, purely due to Izzo. I rooted hard for his team in those 3 consecutive final fours in the late 90s- to early 2000s. If there ever was a perfect coach/PG combination, it would be Izzo and Mateen Cleaves. He was Izzo’s mini-me.

I also see a lot of Izzo in Muss. Both are nuts about defense, defense, defense.

He nailed it on all fronts.

Coach Izzo always a class act.

He has my respect. GHG!

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