Iyiola takes leap of faith to Arkansas (story)...

with new quotes:

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2019 … -arkansas/

Has he actually signed? Or does he intend to sign after he visits.

Since Kyree Walker is apparently still in play per McPherson, would Muss do some more roster management if Walker decided to come on board? I assume the answer is yes. You do what you have to do (legally here, illegally at LSU) if a talent like that becomes available.

There is some talk on various chat boards about Ethan Henderson and Gabe Osabuohein. Still a lot of moving parts in the last two weeks before semester start. Dudley says “stay tuned”. Believing it. DD doesn’t throw words around lightly.

Arkansas could not have announced him officially - as the Razorbacks did on Monday - unless he had already signed papers.

Thanks. Article only said “committed”, hence the question. Since he signed without visiting, it is indeed a big leap of faith.

I do not mind Muss’ taking of transfers but if he takes another and forces a player to leave this late before the semester starts I will have misgivings as it puts that player in a very bad spot. If there is a discipline issue involved that would change the narrative but I cannot see pushing someone out this late. At some point you have to dance with who you have.

Maybe he figures his job is on the line and he’d rather be
a winning coach than an unemployed one.

I am rolling with DD…I don’t think we are done yet and if it improves the team for next year then bring it on! Muss is clearly not afraid to make the tough decisions that have to be made in order to get this team at the level he wants it to be.