I've supported Coach B

But it is time to call it like it is. We have not improved year over year. The lack of media presence at practice has led to fans being to optimistic. I’m beginning to think in year 5, that Coach B is all smoke and mirrors. Once again, I’ve supported his long term mission, but it has gotten us nowhere. I for one, would like to start looking in a new direction. I would start in Minnesota. His name is P.J. Fleck!

I will take a wait and see attitude on SMU this year
But Chad Morris might be your man

He is 100% Texas high school recruits and have an offensive mind

Definitely someone to keep an eye on

Sorry to break the news to you but Bielema is NOT the problem. He might be a symptom of the problem, but it isn’t him. The problem is Jeff Long and getting rid of Bielema wont fix that. How would you like Jim Grobe or Tommy Bowden to be our coach right now? You think things would be better? No way. That is who Jeffy was going all in for while Petrino was trying to get the job. I’m telling you, Jeff is a moron and why in the world anyone would look the the guy who is 100% responsible for this totally unnecessary sad state to solve the problem is beyond me. Fire Brett and get the Grobe/Bowden equivalent… good luck with that… because that is what you are going to get.

I think there are three coaches fairly new to the P5 level that will prove to be excellent coaches going forward : Jeff Brohm, PJ Fleck, and Justin Fuente. Unfortunately timing was not right to get Fuente from Memphis, but Brohm and Fleck were there to be had after last season. However, Long decided to shuffle the deck chairs on the Titanic so I don’t think either is realistic - their next opportunities will at better jobs than Arkansas.

This means we have to recognize our place in the world and realize we must do what they did - identify the next great up and comer and get him. I think Phillip Montgomery is at the top of that list but there are others.

Keep an eye on Mike Norvell. He understands our passion for the Hogs (played at UCA).

Justin Fuentes at Va Tech. He’s from Tulsa so there might be a connection somehow.

And wife is from Fort Smith - wish there was a little larger sample size as an HC. Inherited a really good situation from Fuente.

That said I like what his teams do on offense. Fun to watch.

Good grief guys. You are already naming new coach candidates?

If we become 3-6 or so, have your fun. We lost one game to a top 25 team. A couple of chip shot field goals made and it might have been completely different.

Please save your AD expertise until there may be something substantive to discuss.

It’s coming, might be after next year but it’s coming. This offense is not going to keep us in many games this year. Some games will remain close because opponents will play conservative on offense because we can’t put up many points. Jan 1 2018 could be an interesting around here if it’s is true that the buyout doesn’t change again Jan 1 2019.