I've seen two way-too-early top 25s for 2023 this morning

And both of them listed Arkansas as a team just outside the top 25. So we’re not totally flying under the radar. I think KJ is a big part of that, of course.

I’m one of those who think that early rankings are a bad idea. No rankings should be made until October. At least the 12 team format will eliminate some of the ranking bias that happens from early season mistaken rankings.


Just read several more that didn’t mention us. All of them noted the caveat that the transfer portal isn’t even closed yet, so teams can add (or lose) talent.

Oh yeah, one of them ranked Colorado. Somebody’s been drinking the Prime Time Kool-Aid.

It’s content, and there’s a constant need for content.

But we don’t even know definitive team rosters yet. There are still a lot of moving parts with the portal.

Right. And someone actually makes “Money for Nothing”, producing such worthless copy.

Yeah, and I think TCU was picked 7th in their own conference…Don’t pay any attention to these polls…click bait for attention…

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