I've seen the arena in Providence

From the outside. Capacity is 14,000 but from the exterior it doesn’t look that large. It’s in downtown Providence.

Their average paid attendance this year was 9,924 in that 14,000-seat building. How many butts in seats they got, no idea. Biggest home crowd I could find was 12,410 for Villanova in early January. They got 12,004 on senior night against Butler. NIT crowds typically aren’t that big because you only get 48 hours notice and they’re not part of a season ticket package.

Providence is population 180,000, so a bit smaller than Little Rock.

Providence itself is that size, but 1.5 million people live within a 25-mile radius. Around Little Rock it’s 700,000.

I live in New England. The Providence metro area is pretty much the entire state of Rhode Island. It is about the size of a good-size county in Arkansas.

A bit of trivia: the official name of Rhode Island is “The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations”. That name goes way back in time. Before the American South opened up, Rhode Island was the breadbasket of Colonial America with its flatland. Rhode Island was a major slave state at one time.

True, and an easy drive from Boston, which is how I got there and saw the arena (wasn’t looking for it, just exploring the city and came across it).

Providence is actually closer to the Patriots’ stadium in Foxborough than downtown Boston is.