I've seen it mentioned a couple times....

but I get more and more angry when I watch Moses play defense. How can he after 4 years not know how to properly hedge a screen? The coach is ultimately responsible, but it’s hard to believe he is being coached to make all those switches. It throws the entire defense off when he is switched up on a guard, 40 ft from the basket, and then is left in the dust on the dribble drive. It just infuriates me.

It’s not just him getting beat off the dribble either, but his defensive BB IQ is our biggest defensive flaw IMO.

This has been a question for a long time. Even before Kingsley. Portis did it some bit kid had basketball I q and would try to get back inside. If multiple bigs do this for us it would appear that this is how they are coached and taught. Kingsley appears to be playing for a contract rather than the team. I see no other team doing this to the extent we are.

Steven Hill was very good at hedging. Unless your man is Kornet, or some big that is an outside threat, then there is no need to switch. Just show and scramble to your man when the guard recovers.

Teams have had 20 years to learn how to defeat the NR/CMA scrambled trapping defenses… and the hand check rule neutered it. We don’t have cat quick/Clint McDaniel type guards to trap without hand checks. Teams have learned to draw our bigs away from the basket and we are exposed for not having good 3 and 4 players.