I've said and I'll say it again

Kids and parents pay attention to how active Razorback fans are on social media.

Recently talked to a parent that continues to be amazed by Arkansas fans compared to other fan bases on social media.

Jordan Walsh and his parents were pretty vocal about the impact of the fan base. The parent I’m referring to above is blown away by the fans.


FB or BB?

Sorry, rather not say.

Fair enough

I would assume they are blown away in a good way I hope.

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We have great fans…most of the time.


No need for that

For what? Have you seen some of the tweets (and posts on here) regarding Briles, KJ, and Cam this week, Baked? Give me a break. Our fans may be the best in the country, but some of them are glass poles.


No need for that

Whatever, Baked. Don’t know why you are analyzing my words all of a sudden, but you do you, bro.

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No need for that

Sounding like the old bakedhog from several years ago. Hehe

Man, I hope that guy stays gone, he was pretty bad :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

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