I've noticed something on this board that's refreshing

Arkansas fans “care” again

Its a step in the right direction TYSm Coach Sam and our 2020 Razorbacks

You made Razorbacks football worth being invested again

Go Hogs Go and Thank you


We all care, sometime too much and sometimes too little. Five years in the football wilderness takes some time getting over just like basketball had to go through. Recruiting and player development would help smooth the swings out.

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It’s nice to have some positives and hope again.

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I agree I was about to let go of the rope

I got the impression that under Jeff Long’s leadership the program was for the students and Alumni alone and not the state

It was clear to me as we watched uniforms and how players felt about how they looked in these uniforms ment more than winning - Im sure I over simplified that - but it was clear to me - We were promoting to players how they looked and felt about themselves was more important than realizing that they were ambassadors of a whole state and with that was responsibility more than themselves

I think Coach Sam has brought back what it means to wear that Uniform and that it means something bigger than how pretty they are

I love how Coach Sam has pushed forward Guys like Grant Morgan and Burkes who know how mcuh this means to family and friends to represent Arkansas well

So I’m back on board - Arkansas football is fun again -

Yes it is jimbeau77!

Im loving the Sam Pittman blue collar work ethic to excellence - the future is bright and many Thanks to AD HY - I know he gets it!

this isn’t just Uof Arkansas this program represents ARKANSAS and her people

Maybe unfair but like Nebraska - the University program is the crown Jewel of Ambassadorship of the whole State -

You want to be a pretty player only focused on you - best to go to some place like Utexas (spit)

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