I've noticed an Ohio State reporter on Twitter

Whining about how the Suckeyes got robbed by the refs Saturday night.

This is not some fan. This is a writer for the Columbus Dispatch. Or should I say a homer.

What he say?

There was so many bad calls in many games across the board I can no longer remember what call they might be talking about. I think the worst one was where they call a player that caught a TD down at the 1 yd line then the team fumbled the next play.

That was a bad call… YES if he had caught the ball when he was at the 1 yd line then it would have been a good call, but the player was juggling it and didn’t control it until he was in the end zone. That should have been a TD.

Just like if a player is making a catch in bounds but keeps juggling it until he is out of bounds then no catch. Should follow the same logic. Someone got robbed of a TD and that could have changed the whole complexion of the game. Just sayin…

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Guess he will have something to write about until September. Don’t remember specifics, but really don’t care!

Apparently he goes through each game commenting on key plays. And normally key Suckeye plays are aOSU touchdowns.

They lost because Karma already received her tattoo’s and was at the game.

I had some Kansas fans get on me when I tweeted the two slow-motion replays the officiating staff got wrong at the bowl game — the called fumble and the targeting that was overturned the following day. Some said I whined. I’d say I pointed out obvious mistakes that were crucial to the game’s outcome.

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Fans complain when a call goes against them, but when it’s in their favour nothing is said!!

Those folks are used to cheating to win. Just look at their basketball program…

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It looks like he’s doing the same at Matt. Maybe the second tweet is a little much.

Whining about a call makes one sound like a fan instead of a reporter. Pointing out a bad call is part of the job to me.