I've mentioned my former nephew by marriage

Chris Andritsos, the one who transferred from OU to A&M to play baseball. When he decided to leave OU, his aunt (my ex) lobbied him to transfer to Fayetteville. But he told her that DVH had broken some promises to a friend of his and he was not considering that move, and he indeed wound up an Aggie. She doesn’t know exactly what those promises were.

The point of this, I guess, is to reinforce two things we already knew. First, college baseball is a tough business and coaches have to make hard decisions about things like allocating limited scholarship money and to whom. And second, DVH is hard nosed, no nonsense. Maybe he broke a promise, maybe he didn’t (always at least two sides to the story and the truth is often somewhere in between), but whatever happened it was him doing what he thought was best to build a team that could win it all.

Wonder if Chris is thinking now, what if? A&M went to Omaha last year during his redshirt season, now the Hogs are in the bracket final with a great chance to win it all.