I've gotten this from several people

Just wanted to let you know the locker room vibe is 100% better. There is a sense of relief since Coach Lunney has taken over.


Thanks, Richard, this is good to hear…

I do Hope B Lunney is retained.

So do i. Lunney deserves a medal for what he’s had to endure! The last two coaches had to be tough on someone like him.

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Was the vibe always bad like during last years horrible season, or is bad vibe new thing last few weeks.

Guess I’m wondering if vibe was just never good in locker room with former HC

Hasn’t been good the past two years. Some of that was the guys that were here last year.

The losing took a toll and magnified everything like I’ve said elsewhere. When you have 120 plus guys, there’s going to be guys that don’t see eye-to-eye or are jealous of each other or just don’t plain get along. You go 2-10 and lose like they have this season and all that just blows up the issues.