I've changed my mind

I think Zach Williams plays as a true freshman and I’m not just talking about four games and then redshirting.

I thought when he was signed he would redshirt whether it be the old way or play the four games and then redshirt.

He has too much speed off the edge to be on the sideline. Caldwell will shore up his technique and fundamentals.

In CCM meeting with the press yesterday, he stated Williams had gain 23 lbs since enrolling in Jan.

this frosh class is very exciting, especially when you count the transfer QB’s.

Just wish Ole Mrs hadn’t “outrecruited” us for Lakia.


I can see that happening. I watched him go by nawwna like he was standing still. Hopefully we will have a great pass rush this year because with a young secondary we will most certainly need it.

So, what weight would he be at now and what might he add over the summer I wonder?

So, what weight would he be at now and what might he add over the summer I wonder?

He was 225-230 when he reported.

The young Hog has instincts and speed… he will only get better with time.

Still looks “skinny,” as does Mataio Soli. But they are lightning quick. Lightning quick. Reminds me of Dudley when he was playing point guard at Newport. Ya’ll know that Dudley’s picture was once in Dave Campbell’s Arkansas Football magazine?

Here is the video of Monday’s press.

CCM Gives Williams weight at 916 mark.

Williams listed at 235 on Spring roster.


Dudley once described to me by Coach Bill Keedy who I knew quite well as “ tough as a pine knot.”

Is Fulwilder playing SDE?

Like for real or did you tape it on the cover?


Please please please post a picture of that for all of us to enjoy!!!

Let’s hope the secondary has legitimate “secondary speed” for the first time in quite a while.


Do you still have that issue Clay? Would love to see that pic.