I've been expecting us to schedule BYU for quite some time

Don’t know why, but it seemed to make sense to me as far back as the 1990s. And it really makes sense since BYU became an independent and has 12 dates to fill every year. I suspect if Michigan had dropped us a little earlier we might have scheduled the Cougars for this season.

And, once again, the RRS end of a home-and-home will be in an odd-numbered year. As long as we’re locked into JerryWorld with the Aggies, that will remain the case.

October 23, 2023 falls on a Monday, so that date is off by a couple of days.

That could be an issue. We know it won’t be on a Sunday, that’s for sure; BYU won’t play anything on Sunday ever.

I have an old SWC Media Guide from the 1980’s that listed future Arkansas schedules, and it listed Brigham Young on one of the schedules for the late 80s. (It also listed Nebraska in another year, but that never came to pass either.)

It will be an interesting series.

I, too, thought we would see BYU on the schedule at some point. It’s an easy scheduling decision for them because they have so many dates to fill, and it gives Arkansas the Power Five exemption.

That Arkansas has scheduled Notre Dame and BYU in the past year, it makes me wonder whether Army will be next. Army satisfies the Power Five mandate, too.