It's weird, but I almost fell like we won that game against Auburn

Anyone else?

I don’t feel THAT good, but it does give me hope that we might win one, maybe two, more games this year

we looked like a different team than the one that played in the first 3 games. I saw real progress and that made me happy for the program recovery. I think it was our best game so far.

Not at all. The effort was better but cmon. Seriously.

While it did not feel like 56-3 it still felt like a beatdown. Special teams play is not a side bet. It is one third of the game. They totally dominated one third of the game.

I agree with Notorious. Let’s not get carried away. I just watched the game again.

Auburn was still recovering from a very physical game with LSU. They looked a step slow to me, which made our defense look a bit better. Don’t get me wrong. They played better on D, but did we get Auburn’s best game? No. Our players were gassed in the 4th as well.

We scored 3 points. The offense looked lost again. I do not wanna hear about getting his own players. That’s a cop out using that excuse by the 4th game of the season. They let in way too much pressure. QB ran for his life the whole game, and nobody else’s jersey was dirty except the QB’s. Whaley got laid out on that pitch back play. It was completely misread. The middle was open for the run. Storey cannot throw the ball very well at all. 13-31 will not work against TAMU, or anyone else.

Who is teaching the QB how to read a defense? No adjustments or check downs by Storey or the coach… just let their D run through us all game.

I actually feel bad for the players on offense. They look like they don’t like playing this way, in this system. It all looks forced.

Defense looked Great we can win with that effort Offense is still a long way to go.Ran the ball better but we have no big play ability and with this OL its tough to sustain drives alll the way down the fioeld.May can upset Tamu with some TO’s and better pass game.

Defense looked Great we can win with that effort Offense is still a long way to go.Ran the ball better but we have no big play ability and with this OL its tough to sustain drives alll the way down the fioeld.May can upset Tamu with some TO’s and better pass game.

You say you don’t want to hear the “ getting his own players” line and then you go on to point out a QB he inherited “can’t throw very well at all.” You are right on Ty, of course, and Cole is too slow to play in this offense and was not good in the last offense. Neither have P5 ability.

Let me ask this - Can you tell me a coach that inherited two QBs with less talent than CCM? Especially as compared to the QBs in his league?

No, this did not feel like a win at all. Good effort which is an improvement.

Exactly my thoughts this team is still bad. And overall played bad against Auburn.

The QB play is a direct result of this silly, gimmicky high school offensive system they are running. It. does. not. work.
The whole O line play and offensive production is horrible. And it is all because of this system. They are forced to play this crap.

The offensive philosophy is all wrong for this team. It’s shown in every game they have played. No adjustments and game planning for the QB’s you have to make them successful. That’s what I thought our coach is getting paid to do.

I can see where it felt like a victory, we came out determined and fought hard that’s the victory I wanted to see. Until Saturday I have not seen this team have a fire in their belly or show any emotion, they looked scared and lost in their previous games. We have s lot of things to clean up and we have to become a beast on special teams to compete, I believe Ty Storey will get better every game he plays, he got up after every knockdown and stuck his nose back in there, he’s had very little playing time until this year and he will progress as time goes by. Our receivers has to cause some seperation and get open and we have to find some slants or something to get the pass off quicker. Yes, it did “almost” seem like a victory or at least it did give me hope that there will be some victories before this season ends. WPS

I would hate to be calling the plays for this offense but the OC has to set these guys up for some success. I was happy to hear that we are going to stick with this starting 5 on the Oline for the 2nd game in a row. Youdaman should know how important it is that an Oline develop chemistry. It will take a change to more quick passes and slants so the Oline doesn’t have to hold their blocks as long.

The WRs don’t fight through press coverage to get QUICK separation for Ty to get rid of the ball BEFORE the rush and blitzes get to him. The WRs lack physical strength/talent so experience won’t fix the problem. These WR’s are better suited to CUSA, Big12, etc that don’t have to fight SEC big physical CBs in press coverage.

Ty was getting so much pressure that he couldn’t set his feet for accuracy. Some of his failures are tied to the failures of other position groups as he is under pressure with very little time to get rid of the ball. The WRs are responsible as much as the Oline. Ty is not the long term answer but he can improve with some experience that would create confidence.

I thought this game would be like last year’s since Auburn buys very good players. We were much better on defense than I expected. Our front 7 looked better than expected in their first game together. I don’t think people outside of Ark know about our players returning from injuries and that is why our defense is quite improved. Agim has been a stud while Watts has been a big surprise and TJ Smith has improved. We look dramatically better after Ramsey and Greenlaw came back.

I expected an epic meltdown on Offense because of No protection, no WR separation, weak QB play, no consistent run game yet somehow we started to show something to build upon. This game was really much closer than I expected if you take away a long punt return, a fumble return deep in our territory, a blocked punt deep in our territory, an interception return and a kick return for a TD. We played against one of the best Defenses in the SEC and Nation. We also played against a dynamic Offense with very good talent. Let’s keep improving and getting players to buy in.

Nope - the QB play is a direct result of talent level and poor OL play which was also poor last year. Not enough Jimmys and Joes.

Another thing that really hurts your credibility is your labeling of this offense as gimmicky. Well, it’s very similar to the offensive scheme that won the SECW last year and set the all time SEC rushing record a our expense in 2016.

As for the offensive philosophy being wrong for this team I agree it’s not ideal, but the last one about got the last QB killed and resulted in a 4-8 (1-7) record. The one we are transitioning to at least is proven to be one that you can win a division and SEC title with provided you have the right talent. I’m all for Morris and staff installing it and building for the future even if it means tough sledding as we rebuild.

Again, all about Jimmys and Joes.

Clemson runs this offense, they seem to be doing pretty well.

And Auburn won a NC with it in 2010, national runner up in 2013, and SECW title in 2017.

To call the philosophy “gimmicky” is absurd and false.

This offense isn’t like the offense from the winners of the SECW. Auburn does other things with their offense. It’s got a few things they do, but it’s not mirrored. Come on…it’s the same offense he ran at Lake Travis HS!

This game was nothing like a win. Far from it. Auburn was tired, and it showed. Our defense did play better. I liked the effort.

Trying to rationalize, and say, or imply we were in this game is not even close. Auburn was toying with us. They weren’t up for this game. How could you not see that? We lost 34-3. Turnovers, bad special teams, and poor offensive play was the same as it’s been since game 1.

The players that are called CUSA/BIG 12, etc, is relatable as we don’t even have a CUSA/BIG 12 caliber coach. Of course its Jimmy and Joes. But WE HAVE TALENT. It is the offensive system. They don’t want to play in it.

THIS IS NOT CLEMSON. THIS IS NOT AUBURN. Both of those teams had generational/unicorn type players at QB…And last season has nothing to do with our team in 2018. Stop with the nonsense. Just looking for ANY excuse to cover the deficiencies by this coach and his offensive staff.

Just wait until this weekend. It will look the same on offense. And I hope it looks the same on defense.

Wait a minute! Did you really say talking about getting more of Morris’ players into his system is a cop out, but also said our defense wasn’t as good as the stats say because Auburn was slow because of a physical game with LSU? Are you not giving a cop out for Auburn? This is the SEC and every game is physical, so don’t let your bias show any ok!

If you watched twice, you clearly just ignored all the adjustments.

And it looks forced? Like, maybe, these players were recruited to play a completely different system and Morris needs to recruit players that fit his system better perhaps? HHHMMM

It doesn’t work? Tell that to every RPO team in college football. You know the Clemson and Auburn’s of the sport.

I agree our Oline play left a lot to be desired, but that’s not necessarily a direct result of the system. Heck, our Oline play wasn’t very good last year with a completely different system.

Your bias is showing again.

Auburn was tired and it showed? Excuses much?

Toying with us? Weren’t up for the game? My goodness sir, do you not see how clouded your opinions are?

Excuse to cover for the coach? Like you finding excuses for Auburn just so you don’t have to give Morris a shred of credit on anything? Sigh.

If you say we have talent to run the right system, I’d like for you to list who they are and how they should be used. Be prepared to address issues we already know about, like the offensive line.