It's very early but UConn leads Stanford

Yeah I’m sure we have all that video on him from February which would be dissected before Saturday to get a better handle on what he does. And there was not a lot of hitting going on in that tournament anyway with the horrible weather.

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I just noticed how far the backstop is from the catcher in that park. A wild pitch and the base runners are going to be running for awhile.

Which is the complete opposite of the UNC park. Wild pitches and foul tips were bouncing back into fair territory very quickly.

They had Mathews warming up in the last inning. We’ll see if he comes in.

And he’s in. Three innings yesterday, maybe three innings today. If he starts Saturday they couldn’t expect him to go very deep.

Yeah makes me think they wouldn’t start him probably… the other guy didn’t throw up about 50 pitches

40 pitches in two innings for Mathews. And he’s back out for the ninth.

UConn made him work 66 pitches and he had a pretty good little collision with the catcher. He would only have 4 days rest . Doubt we would see him start now

I agree. I think we get Alex Williams, the guy who got slapped around by UConn Saturday. Good news: He’s a righty.

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He’s been slapped around his last two or three times out… … Texas State got him for 5 runs in 4 inn. Arizona got him for 8 hits and 4 runs in 4 innings… hopefully we will continue the trend

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