It's very early but UConn leads Stanford

3-0 in the first.

Would definitely rather face them than Stanford but those guys can really hit the ball… Stanford was very lucky they didn’t give up more than three runs right there and it may come back to hurt UConn hitting into that double play with the bases loaded there.

A UConn pitcher got tossed yesterday for arguing balls and strikes. He made a scene with the ump big time leaving the mound. Then he pulled a Riggio in the dugout. Bad look. Then he had to walk out of the stadium in front on all the Stanford fans. He was really out of control.

Stanford got a run back and still batting. This may be one of those games like kept happening in Stillwater.

That was their ace. Under NCAA rules, if a pitcher is kicked out, he must miss his team’s next four tournament games, meaning today and three games in Omaha.

It’s already 3-2. Looks like this could be a 15-14 game.

I suspect Stanford will settle down and win this comfortably

Afraid you’re right

The first 5 or 6 guys in their batting order might be better than Tennessee’s. I can’t envision the remaining UConn pitchers bearing up well.

Both of these teams can really swing the bat will be a big time challenge to control them for 9 innings. I think Stanford has the more professional type hitters though, lot of power but use the whole field.

UConn has been to Omaha once. We remember that tournament; it was our first one too, in 1979.

Yeah I think their first five or six are better than Tennessee’s. You don’t get away with too many mistakes.

I’m not sure Stanford is going to get it together, and I’m not sure either of these teams scares me in any way. Especially since UConn’s ace isn’t available.

Uconn Ace got suspended is he out for more than this game today? Stanford bothers me with their offense and I know if we face them they’re going to throw that left-hander against us that we face early this year. We’re a lot better now than we were then but he’s still good. I do think Noland can give them trouble with his breaking ball though if it’s on…

Stanford just hit a grand slam there so they’re up 8-3 probably go on and blow them out now.


Stanford hits a slam after UCONN SS fell down fielding what was out 3

Yeah that’s exactly right it’s amazing how that kind of crap happens pretty much every time the next guy always crushes the ball

Yes. Because pitchers frequently don’t appear in every game, a suspension has to be multiple games to have any teeth. So they gave him four games – today and three in Omaha.

I looked at our box score with Stanford in February. Quinn Mathews shut us down for 6 innings, striking out 10. Mathews has 25 appearances and only 9 starts. Would they start him again against us? He has their best record at 9-1, but again mostly out of the pen.

I knew there was something about the pitchers that was different on suspensions.

Yeah I knew he only had nine starts but he was very effective. I’m just believing they would probably throw him knowing that he had great success against us before. They’re regular Ace has been getting pounded lately including by UConn who got about 8 runs off of them and two innings. So they will have to make a decision if they hang on here. I know with our track record against LH I would throw Matthews.

Mathews went the last three innings yesterday against UConn, threw 45 pitches. That would be five days rest to start him on Saturday.

Yeah that’s just what I would do based on how we have hit LH pitching… we have seen a bunch of them this year and I think seeing that guy from North Carolina helps because that’s a tough delivery to pick the ball up from and we did okay so I think we’re getting better against them. But they may want to throw a guy we’ve never seen which makes sense too.