It's Up To Them Now

Hogs have played a couple of tough but well played games so far. The win against FL will really help them, considering how they were blown out by them in January.

So its up to the coaches and players if they want to win this tourney. They have 2 winnable games in front of them. That’s it. No excuses about tired legs, on the road, etc. It’s 2 games that they can win, and can really help themselves for the NCAA’s.

MA did a really good job last night and the players responded. If they play like that the next 2 games, they could be lifting the trophy. But it’s one game at a time. Let’s see tonight.

Good post, win and move on full of confidence ! WPS

I’m with you guys. We’ve come this far already! So let’s play hard, and just see what happens. I know most think conference championships aren’t important but man it would mean so much for this program! It’s something we haven’t had in a very long time.

I was so proud of Mike Anderson for his coaching in this game. The Match up zone made the difference. Go watch the Florida post game press conf. Mike White and the players were absolutely stunned. I loved it. Mike White and Chiozza praised our match up zone defense, and they praised the changing of defenses from trapping man to match up zone as very disruptive.

It’s good to see MA getting recognition for his coaching ability. I don’t think he gets enough credit in this department. Basketball is a beautiful game. Many ways to play it, many ways to coach it. While Mike is definitely partial to a running, trapping, pressing style of play, he has shown a willingness to make changes when necessary. He’s also been masterful at riding out the inevitable rough patches in a season and having his team ready for the post season. His teams peak when they should peak. At tourney time!

Our chances are better if AL can take care of KY. We are playing more of a complete team as possible. It would be great if AR wins this. This may just fall into our lap.

Coach Anderson has been trying all year to get the players to respond. They have finally responded and with good results.
The defense changes and not having an opponent attaempt 30 free throws a game is huge. This hog team is fully capable of winning it all. Today the glass will be key against the Vols. Williams had an off game against Moo U. Let’s hope he don’t get hot.
He was short on his shots and looked rusty. The Admiral had a good night on both ends of the floor. Moo U pushed them so they spent some energy too!
I’d like to see the hogs make it to play Bama tomorrow but it would also be nice to beat Greaseball “Cal” and his NBA G league team full of 5 star spoiled brats!

Mike builds his teams for March. All the bemoaning his trapping man all season and he was just holding a little something back to have that edge when it counts. Caught them off guard. We were ready tho.

I feel he takes way too long to determine it is “necessary” to make changes. If he can continue to make adjustments like he did against FL I will be very happy with Mike.