It's too bad

We don’t play Tennessee this year. Ouch. EOE-K is not a happy place at the moment.

However, it is a good thing we don’t play Jawja.

Yes and yes

Jawja should win the east running away

Georgia has a really good defense with great depth and three tremendous tailbacks. They should cruise in the East.

Auburn is loaded with athletes and a good defense. Gus, however, doesn’t have a dual threat quarterback. This really cramps his offensive style. Stidham can hum it,however.

EOE-K fans here in Chattanooga were ready to run Butch off last week after the underwhelming victory over a VERY weak UMass team. Today against Georgia the Vols looked horrible (to put it mildly). The local NBC affiliate put out a poll on WHEN to fire Butch with choices like…today…Monday…next week or end of the season. It will take a miricle for him to survive.

His AD did not hire him so he’s not attached to Butch (unlike Long and CBB). I just read that his buyout is 9.2 million. Wow…

Jones recruits well but can’t coach them up.

hearing petrino and kelly name tossed around

petrino at UT would be scary

bruce is gone… looked it yesterday on sidelines.
wouldnt be surprised to see it happen before the end of the season.

i am not so sure thats NOW is the better time to do it.
gives you a head start of the competition … of which there will be a lot this year

I have no doubt Butch is gone. Only question is when. UGA is good, but UT still has to face a bunch of teams better than themselves. Bama will kill them. I doubt UT is as good as Kentucky or even Vanderbilt. I can see 5-7 or maybe 6-6 for UT. That’s not good when one considers the east is weaker than the west. (However, I admit LSU & MSU are weaker than I would have thought 2 weeks ago. Bama, Auburn look tough. A&M is not bad at all.)

There will likely be coaching changes at the following schools this year: TAM, Tenn, Mizzou, Ole Miss.

TAM still has Bama, Florida, Auburn , and MSU. I can see 3-4 losses there. Sumlin has to win 9 games to keep his job.