It's timeout for the talent and scheme excuses...

I’m tired of the no talent and bad scheme excuses also. Not having the correct talent falls squarely on the coaches. If you can’t evaluate players to play your style of football you don’t need to be coaching. Also, when you get talent you need to play them and play them early. He talks a good game about playing freshmen but when it comes down to it he wastes their year. Another thing stop moving kids and playing them out of position. He kills me with that. I’m sick of the excuses. This is year 4 and we should be further along than this. Its time to put up or shut up…

Robb Smith was anointed by me and others because of that 2014 defense. The problem is his scheme requires a GREAT LB corp and a Tevin Mitchel that can play GOOD press coverage. RS was lucky to have Spaight behind Flowers and Philon, but I had no idea how good those guys were and how they were the reason for 2014’s successful defense. Not RS.

2015 & 2016
RS’s scheme is terribly wrong when you cannot develop backups because they can’t learn the scheme or play the scheme talent wise. It is sad that you stubbornly stick with a scheme that is too complex for any backups to learn. RS can’t seem to take Ellis out of the game because he is the only one that has learned the defensive calls and schemes. Ellis is pre-med and super intelligent. What are we going to do at LB next year if RS stays?

Robb Smith’s defense is LBer focused but we have not had SEC quality linebackers since Spaight left. Our opposition knows Ellis is too slow to cover any receiver and Greenlaw has trouble against the run game. If we had a LB that was combination of Greenlaw and Ellis; they would clean up a good portion of the problems like Spaight did. Arkansas isn’t fast enough at safety,l CB and linebacker. We sign good talent on offense that is better than the defensive signees.

Conventional defenses are not built to handle quick SPREAD players in space. Our defensive coordinator doesn’t appear able to change to accept how the game needs linebackers to cover and blitz more like safeties.

Bottom line is RS has to go! He had 8 or 9 returning on defense and this is one of the worst defenses in our history.

I loved that 2014 defense. Robb Smith’s biggest issue is he cant adapt his scheme to the players. Ever since 2014 he has been trying to hammer round pegs in square holes, and it just isnt working. The calling card of a GREAT DC, is his ability to adjust to the players he has and make a good defense. Coach Robb Smith has spent the better part of the last two seasons proving he does not have that ability.

News flash…Rob Smith is the one recruiting the players, so that tells me he can’t evaluate players that will fit his scheme…

Truer words have not been spoken much today.

Mental mistakes fundamental football that BB preached on arrival gets a pass why?

When a team is purposely trying to draw you offsides and everyone in the stadium knows it and your nose tackle just grabs the ball to give them a first down what’s the consequences?

It was a jr high type mistake that proved costly not even mentioning a missed tackle on the fake punt

It was mind boggling watching it unfold