It's Time to fire his Buddy

Rob smith has to go, defense is beyond ridiculous!!!

Our team is soft, like our coach. We are not mean, tough or hitters. We are Vanderbilt, Kentucky…

The worst defensive display for one half of any team I’ve seen this year. That includes us against Texas A &M. We should be better than this on defense. We have several seniors and juniors. We have not recorded ten tackles this half.

We are playing best team in the US.

We like to think stars don’t matter.

Maybe they don’t.

Does tackling matter?

We are playing best team in the US.

We like to think stars don’t matter.

Maybe they don’t.

Does tackling matter?[/quote]

Maybe it doesn’t :lol:

We’re not that bad but at time we are…

Kentucky and West Kentucky played better than this. This effort has no defense.

Gotta agree!

You wanna watch a tough D watch our opponent

Time & time again make plays and lay the wood

We are not anywhere close to this type of pressure Defense

This defense gets gashed week after week after week. Time to hear a different voice. He sits back entirely too much.

It’s hard to compare Alabama’s defense to our own Hog defense. It’s apples to oranges. They have potential NFL draft picks, many of them first rounders, at almost every position. Elite speed. Elite strength. Best defense in the country and it’s not even close.

We took a set back today. Our defense and o-line should be better than this! What’s the problem?

Let’s fire the offensive line coach too while we are at it…

Agree. It’s time for Smith to go. Unbelievable number of missed tackles – very poor fundamentals. And, I lost track of the number of Bama receivers running down the middle of the field wide open. We are simply a disorganized mess on defense!

Our defense is a disorganized mess! Countless missed tackles, and Bama receivers running down the middle of the field wide open. Smith needs to be fired. The sooner the better.

They just look like they didn’t know what was going on, and the D-Line got wrecked all day long…

Let’s take a look at what we know. Alabama has more five star recruits than we have four stars. Therefore, we hang our hat on development. The Alabama team we played down to the wire two years ago is about the same as this one. So, where has the development gone to? If you look closer, you’ll realize the 2014 recruiting class at Arkansas was atrocious. You will see very few of them on the field. We are essentially playing without a junior class. I don’t know who you put the blame on, but it doesn’t bode well for any coach on the entire staff. Smith’s defensive scheme is good, but the opposing players are better.

I agree with everything you said EXCEPT smith scheme is good, we just sit back and play base all day long, there are not to many stunts up front, its pretty much beat your man one on one and you can’t play that way all the time. They were not aligned in the right spots majority of the game, and the effort was down right terrible…

It’s an interesting title to this thread with the term “his buddy.” It makes you wonder if a past relationship will make it more difficult to make a coaching change if one is required at the end of the season. They worked with each other at Iowa and Bret introduced Robb to his wife there.

On the Being Bielema program, Bret mentioned that he makes it a point to not become close with assistants, because that does make it more difficult when they need to be fired.

Seems like he’s been pretty good here about “helping” assistants find other jobs instead of firing them.

I think fans enjoy a good firing when its deserved, but this approach probably buys you some good will over the course of a long career and within coaching circles.