It's time for our guys to show some fight

The thing I’ve noticed is our opponents are taking good ABs (10 pitch at bats, etc.). Battling. Our guys aren’t.

We are just flat again. Murphy is going to have to keep us in this and hope we can squeeze a run out of our floundering offense

Very impressed with Mo St and ORU’s ability to drag out ABs. Looked like Knight (and Murphy thus far) have not had a put away pitch.

This here is what I’m saying, these 17 to 23 pitch innings are not gonna cut it

Missouri State and ORU are better offensive teams than we are because every one of them go up there to swing that bat a not there to take pitches. This team has been hot and cold offensively now for about the last month and a half. When were going good we’re incredible when we’re not we’re very average.

Their batters look confident. Ours don’t.
We’ve had a couple good hits, but they go for naught.
No one picks 'me up.