Its time for Lee Corso to retire

I know he is a staple of College Game Day and he has done an
amazing job of overcoming a stroke 8 years ago, father time
has caught up to him. I’ve been watchin most of todays coverage
and he just really seems to be struggling. Mixing up teams, having
a difficult time getting his thoughts out without seeming to ramble,
etc. At 82 years old, I think he needs to step aside. I remember
thinking the same thing with Lou Holtz and the Game Day Final
show he had at the end. Corso’s time is done.

Totally agree.

Everybody understands the situation, he is a well loved guy! I think it will be worked out.


Used to be a neighbor of mine in Heathrow, FL… the real Corso is full of himself and a loathing personality. He should pick a clown’s head for the next game winner and keep it on as he babble’s incoherently on the Game Day set.

He has dementia. I don’t know how bad but I know everything he says is from a written sheet. He couldn’t remember “roll tide” when he tried to go off the cuff at the Auburn gameday show and Kirk had to prompt him.
I hope he goes as long as he can.

I agree in a way, but the man is doing what he loves and if you take that away from him, his life will be taken much faster than it would be if not involved. Maybe not as a commentator but just being around the sport.

Then maybe they can set him up in a fake set and let him do his thing, none the wiser. :grinning: