It's time for a vacation

Our National Specialty (a dog show for just one breed, in my case German Shorthaired Pointers) will begin next week. I’m headed to Estes Park, CO on Saturday. My dog will arrive on Monday.

I’ll miss the next two series. Of course I will follow the games as I travel. I’ve made arrangements for my Vandy tickets to be used.

Y’all behave!


Have fun Marty… be safe… we will try to hold down the fort


Make sure to wear your pointer necklace along with something Razorback. GHG!


Trust me Mr. Waller, Ain’t Misbehavin".


Be safe and enjoy. :coffee::sunglasses:

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Marty, you will be missed. Safe travels!

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I always have on two rings. One is a Hog jumping through the A. The other is an exquisite head study of a GSP.

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Do you drive out and the dog flies or visa versa? Just curious why you don’t travel together.

My dog is currently in Las Cruces, NM being run in amateur stakes for his Amateur Field Championship. A friend from El Paso is bringing him to me for the week. Then he will go back to run in field trials over the Memorial Day weekend. After that I will meet his trainer to get him back.

We are trying for that AFC to go along with his other titles.

We’re all pulling for you 100%! Enjoy your vacation.


Marty has two great – and maybe more – passions in the training of her dog(s) and Arkansas baseball. It’s cool to watch her do her thing.


Enjoy Marty. Hope to see you flaunting that 1st place trophy along with the canine partner.
But you’re asking a lot about behavin round here. We getting down to the nitty gritty of baseball season.

Marty is a doer, like Clay. A lot of initiative.
Enjoy your trip. Be well and be safe.

It looks like, Bull Shoals, Siloam Springs, Joplin, Phoenix, and Tuson in our near future.

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You have a beautiful dog! Good luck with the competition.
What dog food do you use? Am concerned that I’m not feeding my Hungarian Vizsla the best. Am currently giving her ACANA free-range chicken kibble plus meat (salmon, sardines, chicken, beef, etc).

@ohhmyy2006 Oh my, that can be quite the topic. Colt’s trainer feeds Purina Pro Plan Sport. I think it’s the chicken and rice formula. When he’s home, I feed Diamond Naturals Beef and Rice. I won’t switch him away from Purina this week since he is going back to NM for field trials over Memorial Day weekend.

I do periodically check the rankings of the various foods. Diamond Naturals usually come in the top ten.

But it’s what works for your dog. If your Vizsla is healthy and thriving, I’d stick with it.

Thanks for the info. I study dog food quality often, especially recall notices. Ruby is three now and very healthy. She would be a great field dog, if I hunted butterflies, crickets, song birds, or squirrels. Points on everything. Great breed.


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