It's (SEC soccer) championship Sunday

… put your soccer posts in this thread.

Come on girls bring home that SEC Title.



WPS go Girls!

Schedule worked out strangely. There are four SEC teams in the top 25 poll listed on the NCAA website (there is another poll where the Hogs are 24th; we’re unranked on this one). We’ve only played one of them, and beat #13 A&M (we also beat Baylor and tied West Virginia who are both ranked; A&M was #2 when we beat them). Not in the regular season, not in the tournament; Florida took care of #10 Vandy, LSU beat #12 Tennessee and the #17 Chickens.

In the 13th minute…

That goal was off of a crazy bounce. 1-0 Razorbacks.

Taylor Malham’s header put Arkansas ahead 1-0 in the 13th minute. Stefani Doyle had a shot from just outside the penalty area and it ricocheted off the cross bar. Malham headed it just as the LSU goal keeper was trying to corral it and the ball went just inside the left side of the net.

Hog fans in da house…

Twenty minutes in and the game has been played predominantly with Arkansas on the attack. LSU really has only had one good offensive run, whereas the Razorbacks have had at least three set pieces. The Razorbacks look like the fresher team and are playing well defensively, especially in one-on-one matchups.

Shots 6-2 in favor of the Hogs per the live stats at Only shot on target is the one that hit the onion bag. It was Malham’s fifth goal of the season.

45 minutes to go. Come on Hogs!

LSU had a good look in the 41st minute, but Lindsey Eaton’s header just in front of the net went left of the post.

Arkansas out-shot LSU 8-2 that half.

in the 2nd half.

LSU playing that extra game should work in our favor.


LSU is not nearly as deep as Arkansas. The Razorbacks substitute freely. LSU’s starters played 87 percent of the minutes in the first three games of the tournament.

LSU doesn’t actually have a shot on goal yet. Of course we only have one but it hit the net.

Come on ladies. WPS!!

and not exactly in our favor.

We need to get back to stringing a few passes together … and make them chase us a little.

LSU tries a long one that goes in. 1-1 in the last 20 minutes.