It's really a tough question IMO

You can’t lose even with the talent deficit that Bielema left us. His recruiting overall those last 3 years were abysmal - the OL, DBs, LB and QBs were just awful. This OL is light, slow and weak. We got guys littered on our 2 deep on both sides of the ball that are walk-ons or were lightly recruited.

As I said before though, that doesn’t explain the lack of fire, creativity and overall bad schemes on both side of the ball.

If I was sold on Morris I would be argue for more time, but man I just don’t see it getting better. Then again he has shown the ability to recruit, but does it matter if he is a subpar coach.

Tough problem for Yurachek when Morris is likely 0-16 after year 2.

If Chad doesn’t get fired this year, he will have to fire both coordinators. Chavis is awful, and has been for approaching a decade now, that was a really stupid hire. Craddock is his guy, but at the pure fact of saving face and also realizing that Craddock isn’t ready for this, he’s got to let him go.

So then Chad would have to have two homerun hires at the coordinator spot.

Joe Brady as OC? Sign me up.

DC? Idk find an up and comer who can use the talent we have.

I’m not a coach so consider this FWIW. How is Agim grading out? He is the one guy that everyone wanted and he flashed some in the past. Is he getting double teamed? Is he not what we thought he was?

IDK, but he doesn’t look anything like the guy I thought he would be when he was recruited.

As much as you don’t like Chavis is where I am with Craddock, maybe more so. Out of his league.

Joe Brady from LSU?

Morris is 4 games into his second year. We all know the previous coach left the cupboard bare, that’s why he is no longer around. I’m hoping the fans can show some patience and wisdom here. Sure we should have beaten San Jose but the players had been reading the social media and were too over confident just like most of us were. GHG

Joe Brady would be an interesting hire. Young, energetic, and would be cheap.

But can he bring in good assistants for the other positions?

On defense, what about Brian Newberry (Navy’s DC). They’re actually in Top 10 total defense and pass yards allowed. He has a young energetic staff with him. I’m sure AR pays more than Navy. Memphis also has a Top 10 defense right now. The other Top 10 defenses (coordinators) aren’t coming here for a lateral move.

He’s their wr coach/ passing coordinator, and I expect him to be the hottest name in the OC searches after the season. The difference he made is pretty clear.

chad/ whatever HC, would have to help Brady with staff hires. But I can’t see anyone but Joe being let go on the offensive side, so unless someone took a job somewhere else I don’t think that would be a problem.

I don’t think it’s just the OC/DC. I think some of the other position coaches have issues as well

Agree, just mean the offensive staff probably wouldn’t have much turnover with an OC change.

The Defensive staff needs a complete over haul, I don’t really believe in any of them, outside of Caldwell.

I just don’t get this “fire the Coordinators”, but keep the HC. Who hired the Coordinators? Does anyone really believe that Craddock isn’t calling plays exactly like CCM wants him to be calling them? They’ve been joined at the hip, for what, 7 years.

Has there ever been a case, when the HC is forced to fire his OC and DC, that ended up well the following year? To me, that is just knowingly giving up any hope of a good 3rd year in the CCM era. Postponing the inevitable is the worst management decision that can be made.

I believe that HY is too smart to stick his neck out a 2nd straight year. HY had a free pass on our first 2-10 year. He’ll now be on the hook for the second 2 or 3 win season (if it does happen). If HY makes the decision to keep CCM for a 3rd straight 2 or 3 win season, he has to know that his job is in jeopardy as well as CCM’s.

I could be wrong, but I’d bet HY will let his bosses know that he wants to fire CCM (once again, IF we win just 2 or 3 games). If his bosses and big money boosters over-rule him, he will ask for a written “get out of jail free” card.

We start three seniors on the DL. Agim was wanted by everyone. Richardson and Smith were coveted by fewer elite programs, but certainly had P5 offers. Scoota Harris and Bumper Pool (especially Pool) had several nice offers.

It is disingenuous to keep harping about a former coach who had his players competing better than the current coach.

I am not a defensive cynic like some. My issue is with the offense, where the HC is supposedly a guru and handpicked a crew to execute his wizardry.

offense put up lots of yardage saturday night. 5 interceptions are drive killers. If just 3 of those end in field goals we are bitching about a close win instead of an embarassing loss. Joe Brady and others are like the back up QB. Everyone wants to see him as he has got to be better. There is usually a reason why said player is the back up.

Remember Nutt was forced to hire Gus as his OC. When you force a hire onto a coach they don’t always work out.

Why not fire Morris, Chavis, Craddock, and Fry and give Lunney a turn at the wheel? He can’t do any worse than this staff that is so embarrassingly in over its’ head. Yurachek didn’t hire this crew anyway. At least Barry Lunney “gets” this job and what this program means to the state. Just a thought.

Can someone explain to me why everyone keeps saying “in over his head” or some variation? Like we’re experts to know if that’s a fact? I understand the frustration and anger, but what gives us the right to make that claim seeing as we aren’t even close enough to the program to know the ins and outs of said program?

Despite all the criticism, Bielema did hire a much better OC. I don’t know if anyone would chose Craddock over Enos. Even though both coordinators have been bad, I believe that replacing Craddock would bring quicker and better results.

Chavis and his defense has been consistently poor and haven’t improved much since day one. Most of the problems can be attributed to slow, weak players making mental mistakes. The defense is going to take a long time to fix. We still need more speed and experience.

The Morris era needs some success now and it must improve quickly. The offense is the easiest to fix and the first step of changing OC’s needs to happen as soon as possible.

Well, I don’t know if anything would be “proof” that he’s in over his head. However, these facts seem to point in that direction:

Head coaching resume - 4 years and 4 games - 3 years in non-power 5 conf and 16 games in SEC:

Total W/L record - 18-34 total games / 8-25 conference
Non-Power 5 conf 14-22 total games / 8-16 conference
SEC conference - 4-12 total games / 0-9 conference

The most recent game showed a step back from even the first 2-10 season.

Not iron clad proof, but certainly facts that point in the direction that he’s in over his head. If the 2-10 or 3-9 and 0-16 conf trend continues through this year, it would certainly be proof enough for me.

But that is why I ask the question. You are talking about two programs he took over that were disasters when he showed up. So equating causality to future success can’t be justified in my opinion with Morris. He’s never been at a program long enough to show if his system building can work long ter.

First, keep in mind, everything I said was based on another 2-10 or 3-9 season. The records I pointed to assumed that also. If we end this year with 5 wins, then he should get another year.

Most good head coaches who take over a “disaster” struggle the first year. However, most don’t end up with the worst record in program history (100+ years). Most good coaches improve pretty dramatically the 2nd year. So far, through 4 games this 2nd season, that has not happened here. I’d say through 16 games CCM has re-defined the word “disaster”.

All I’m saying is, if the current 16 game trend continues and the Hogs end up as one of the worst teams in D-1 college football 2 years running, no head coach should survive that.

Oh I understand what your saving and understand the concern.

I just have reservations about making claims for “overall” success based on causality.