It's quite possible

That Davidson knocked Mobilehoma out of the Dance by winning the A-10 tournament today. It’s gonna be close for the Paperclips. Either Dayton or nothing IMO.

Sooners are in. Louisville and Notre Dame aren’t.

OU made it. I would’ve left them out

I’m very surprised that OU is not only in but isn’t playing in Dayton. Arizona State is. Do we get a Dayton winner?

We didn’t get a 6 in Dallas. Miami and Florida are both there as 6 seeds.

We are a 7. I like our matchups

I do too. The Rotnei Clarke Bowl, then laying a little #Fastest40 on a slow Big 14 team. Seth Davis thinks we make the second weekend. He might be right.

Charles Barkley just said Oklahoma didn’t deserve to make it. They made it because of Trae Young, I believe.

How did Texas A+M get a 7 seed along with Arkansas. We beat them, had a better record and finished higher in our league?

I really like our draw. I want Texas Tech in the second weekend. I want the Beard lovers to have to eat crow.

I actually like KY/TN to meet in their bracket and believe it or not, I like Bama and us to meet in ours. I think the SEC will have four in the EE and 2 in the FF.

We split with them, but don’t complain, we got a great draw.

Don’t complain? What is a message board for? If we couldn’t bitch, there would be no message boards.

We’ll see how good of a draw we got next weekend. It’s time we stepped up and won a couple. It won’t be easy.

Oh yeah I forgot, some of you would rather be the 6 seed playing Mich St in the round of 32. Be happy with the draw. It could have been much, much worse.

Butler is good…so is Purdue. Plus, I didn’t bitch about the draw…I bitched about the seed . Read before you post.

I did read what you posted. Learn to look at the big picture before posting.

As noted above, we split with them, and they had a higher SOS and RPI than we did. So, the metrics had us ranked very close to each other. Only thing we really had on them is that we won one more conference game and we lasted longer in the Tournament.

Five NCAA teams got at-large bids with sub-.500 conference records. Mobilehoma was one. So was Bama. And EOE-A.

Of the 36 teams to get at-large bids with a losing conference record, 18 of them won their first game and LSU made the Elite Eight in 1987.

Another seeding note involving the Little Dozen. The last three 3 seeds to go one-and-out were all from the LD. Look out, Texas Tech.