It's over

The NCAA has canceled the College World Series, effectively ending the college baseball season.

This is like I asked last night, how far are we going to carry this. That’s getting pretty darn close to the open of August football practice, closer than we are now to June baseball. Should we go ahead and cancel football season. Lots of folks all around me right now carrying on a normal work day, should we all go in now, maybe come out when? May, August, next year?

I’m not surprised I thought it would go past the 30 th didn’t expect the full season…sad indeed

Reasonable decisions are not being made at the highest level. I think the SEC’s decision to cancel games for the rest of March was reasonable but to cancel all sports through June having no idea where we will be at in a few weeks is not smart.

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I think it all goes back to them not wanting to look back and say,hey look we had a chance to nip it in the bud and we didn’t,and now it is cost thousands of people lives. This is a very tough time to deal with, I think we’re overreacting but to go ahead and play all this out and possibly end up costing thousands and thousands of people their lives is not a risk I would be willing to take.

I am in full agreement with stopping all activities (including classes) for a period of time. I just feel like making rash decisions encompassing months in the future while we are still trying to figure this out is not the best decision. Maybe take a reading at the first part of April and see where we stand.

Greg Sankey today on the Paul Finebaum Show: “I’m a bit surprised that we’ve made a decision now in mid-March to not play baseball or softball national championship event in June, so I look forward to learning what informed that decision.”

You and me both, Matt!

This is absurd. I’m not saying this should not be the eventual decision. If after a 2-3 week suspension we’re still having a lot of cases, etc, I can see doing this, but we don’t know what the situation will be a month from now.

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Geno Auriemma of UConn had a good answer for that this afternoon. Rece Davis of ESPN asked if he would favor postponing the tournament for a month. Geno said, if I knew it only would be a month, sure, he’d have a second preseason camp for a month to get ready for the tournament. But we don’t. If they got to April 12 and they said, well, we need to wait until May now, that’s pushing the tournament into June, pushing the College World Series into July or even August, etc. etc. The very fact that we don’t know how long this is going to last is why they’re shutting it down entirely.

The other factor that no one is considering is that colleges are sending their students home and going to have on-line classes. If it’s unsafe for them to stay on campus – and I guess they feel that way – is it unsafe for teams to stay on campus? As for basketball players, how long do you ask them to practice before you play games? It’s a difficult situation. We want games badly. I don’t know that there are good answers on how to proceed.

I’m sorry, but are we sure the entire season is cancelled yet?

Yes all spring sports are cancelled…MLB however has backed the start of the season up for at least two weeks.

One thing that really concerns me is spring break… where do these kids go for spring break?? Florida! Just where the guy brought a case of the virus back to Hattiesburg where I live it’s the only place in Mississippi so far… spring break could be an absolute terrifying event as far as what they could bring back to each state.

For all practical purposes the season is over. The SEC might come back in a month and say teams can play a partial conference schedule, but that seems highly doubtful given the current state of athletics. And in the unlikely event that happens, there is the question of what sense would that make given no team can qualify for the NCAA Tournament, because it doesn’t exist.

There will not be any more baseball games in the month of March. That much is 100 percent sure.

My point to this whole discussion is to make reasonable (well thought out) decisions. Let’s shut it down for two or three weeks and see where we’re at in early April. If conditions have not changed, call it off. It’s possible that the world will not be in this “grave danger” and we could shorten the SEC season and have the tournament with an altered format in mid-May or something. Then again, they may decide the season is over and let’s go forward.

Okay, I get that, but if they are able to start playing again in April, could they at least have an SEC conference tourney and champion?

Theoretically, yes. But I don’t think it’s going to happen.

The problem with that is that college students are being sent home, including at UA, and we don’t know when they’ll be able to start even having classes again. Are the players going to be on campus all spring practicing when the rest of campus is a ghost town? Or are you bringing them back April 1, again in a ghost town situation?

If they cancel SEC football, there will be a whole lot of shootings in Bama…