It's OK to use the glass

Why don’t we ever use the glass to bank in the shots when we shoot in the lane? It’s actually an easier shot to use the glass. How many times must we watch us throw it up and miss the shot off the rim? Using the glass would make it an easier shot when you are off balance moving through the lane. Jalen and Daniel have missed so many shots trying to shoot it straight in. He should have thrown it off the glass on that last shot. Corliss and Sidney would use the glass. That’s why their shooting percentages were so high. Most players today don’t use the glass.

Most players today can’t shoot either, but that doesn’t stop them from firing up those 3’s.

Some guys need to be told not to fire up those long balls. They need to learn to hit a 10-15 foot jump shot, but that is a lost art.

The inevitable and much anticipated “back in my days” thread. You can count on that after a loss.

This was not meant to be a “back in my days” thread, Heck it has been a pet peeve of mine for a long time. I just wish they would use the glass. It would definitely help their shooting. After the next win, I will post how many point blank shots are missed in the lane because they did not use the glass.

Nature of the game now, high flyin hi light time & dunks & missed dunks.
When dunks weren’t allowed you had big men that could shoot really well off the glass & otherwise. Walton, Kareem (Lew then), Havlachek, Russell & many others of that era. All learned it in HS & College. Since dunks reinstated only a handful. Duncan, Bird, McHale, McAdoo to name the best but they are retired now.

Playng off the back-board is a forgotton skill. Not many know how to the detriment of their game.

Chaney has shown a nice soft touch on at least a couple of bankers.

You’re right… saw that…put a :slight_smile: on my face