It's official

Arkansas is under the radar (and that’s just how I like it.) There were no vignettes of the Hogs in the Game Day opening.

Why Not Us?

I don’t know if we are “under the radar.” Last week, the Gameday crew was discussing their pick for NC. All the “I got LSU” guys, all said they expect to beat Bama and lose to us, including Corso (who NEVER) picks us.

The thing is, bakedhog, we are listed under the “also good” category.

We are being overlooked mainly because we are breaking in a new o-line and and new QB. Mainly the latter.

Thing is…we all have a little secret.

Austin Allen will be just as good as big bro. Almost everyone that has seen him says so. We all believe.

The pundits don’t yet.

But they will…